We’re Temporarily Disabling eBay Guaranteed Delivery

To give eBay sellers and carriers more time to safely fulfil and deliver orders, we’re temporarily disabling eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD).

This means eBay Guaranteed Delivery badges will be temporarily hidden. The search filter will still be present, but won’t return any results if used. Instead of a guaranteed delivery date, your listings will show delivery estimates based on your handling time and choice of carrier.

What this means for you:

  • You won't be able to add or update delivery times on your postage rate tables
  • Buyers will still be able to report a late delivery and claim a refund or return on any previous eBay Guaranteed Delivery orders
  • Once we’re confident eBay sellers and their carriers can meet their eGD delivery promises, we’ll re-enable it onsite

About eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Buyers expect fast and reliable delivery. In fact, Australian shoppers are 45% more likely to buy when they know the item will arrive in 2-3 days.* 

Offering fast delivery provides your buyers with a great experience, helps your listings’ visibility in search, and could increase your sales by 5-7%.**

Note: This video details the eBay Guaranteed Delivery door-to-door program only.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery

With eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD), buyers receive their order in 3 days or less. We highlight qualifying items through an eGD toggle, which buyers use over 80,000 times per week.*** They can also filter search results to only display items that can be delivered in 1, 2, 3, or 4 days.

We have two eGD programs: 

  1. Door-to-Door (available to all sellers)

  2. Handing Time (available to selected sellers) 

You can be a part of one or the other eGD program, but not both.


With this program, you select the items you’d like to make eligible, and regions where you can guarantee 3-day delivery (for example, Sydney to Melbourne, but not Sydney to Perth). 

Make sure your carrier can deliver to the regions you’ve selected, within the stated time frames. If the item doesn’t make it to your buyer on time, we may charge a fee. 

To join this program: 

  1. Check if you meet the eligibility requirements.

  2. Opt in to eBay Guaranteed Delivery and select the Door-to-Door program.

  3. Set up your postage rate table(s). 

  4. Link the rate table(s) to your eligible listings:

  • At a listing level
  • Using our bulk edit tool, or
  • Through your Business Policies 

If you work with an integration partner, make sure you transfer your new preferences. You can also create and manage eGD listings with our APIs by downloading the API Integration Playbook for eGD.

Handling Time

We’ll automatically opt you into this program, if your listings are eligible. You’ll need to guarantee to dispatch items in 0-1 days. We’ll then add Australia Post’s delivery time to the buyer’s region to your stated handling time to calculate delivery time.

With this program, you won’t incur any fees from late deliveries. We’ll also protect your seller standard as part of our Seller Protection Policy. 

If we haven’t yet opted you in, register your interest for the Handling Time eGD program. You can still use postage rate tables to set postage costs by region.

Postage Rate Tables for eGD

We've created downloadable sample eBay Guaranteed Delivery postage rate tables for you to use. We’ve set these up based on the origin locations of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth:

Keep in mind:

  • We’ve calculate speed based on Australia Post's Standard and Express services
  • Times are based on same-day handling. If you have handling time of +1 days, you’ll need to update the speed columns.
  • We’ve set a 2pm cut-off time for Australia Post's parcel pick up service.

Requirements for eGD

Requirements by eGD Program


                                Handling Time Program

                                          Door-to-Door Program

Seller Standard

Above Standard or eBay Top Rated Seller 


  • Item located in and sent from Australia

  • Fixed-price

  • 0-1 day handling time

  • Australia Post 

  • Item located in and sent from Australia

  • Fixed-price 

  • Postage rate table with specified delivery speeds 


  • At least 95% of eGD items sent in guaranteed time frame

  • Tracking uploaded on at least 95% of eGD items

  • At least 95% of eGD items dispatched within guaranteed timeframe 

  • Tracking uploaded on at least 95% of eGD items


  • Simplicity - just meet your stated handling time

  • We calculate delivery times based on carrier information.

  • Control delivery times by region (e.g. listings appear in 1- 2-day filter)

  • Use any carrier

  • Select eligible items 


  • Currently only available for:
    Items sent with Australia Post services

  • Buyers in certain regions.

  • More set-up required (postage rate tables)

  • You need to monitor and optimise your delivery performance 

Seller Protection

  • We protect sellers from any late delivery charges.

  • No extra protections. 

You can monitor your eGD performance in the Seller Hub dashboard. If you drop below the performance requirements above, we’ll stop showing eGD on your listings until your numbers get back up. 


*Paypal mCommerce Index Trends Report 2017

**Based on average sales uplift of 1441 eBay Guaranteed Delivery vs. non-eBay Guaranteed Delivery sellers; May – Aug 2018

***Based on over 80,000 average weekly searches on eBay.com.au using the 3 day eBay Guaranteed Delivery toggle; May – Sept 2018

These services can help support you to meet your eGD door-to-door commitments: