Benefits of eBay Postage Labels

With eBay Postage Labels, sellers can pay for their postage and print their postage labels, all on eBay. The benefits of eBay Postage Labels include:

  • Postage from $6.13 for deliveries in the same city
  • Choose between Sendle and Australia Post
  • eBay will populate the buyer's address automatically and show the seller the cheapest postage option depending on the buyer's location
  • Have orders picked up from your home or office for no extra cost with Sendle Parcel Pickup
  • Tracking uploaded automatically to eBay
  • Bulk label printing feature to pay for postage and print labels for multiple orders at once

How to use eBay Postage Labels

Listing Your Items

  1. When listing an item on eBay, at the option to add Domestic Postage, select ‘Calculate: Cost Varies by Buyer Location.’ 

  2. Select up to 4 services you’d like to offer from the dropdown list.

  3. If you’d like to increase your chances of selling your item you can select the “Free postage” option.

Once Your Item is Sold

  1. Go to the orders tab in your Seller Hub to see all orders ready to be posted

  2. Select one or more items to purchase prepaid postage

  3. Click ‘Create Postage Labels’

  4. Select postage options and pay for postage 

  5. Print Postage Labels

  6. Package your items and attach postage labels

  7. Send your item via courier pick-up or drop-off

Postage Labels 13102020

Multi-Channel Postage Labels

Through our multi-channel shipping portal, eBay sellers can sync their orders for eBay and Shopify, pay for postage and print their labels in bulk for all channels at once, saving time and simplifying the order fulfillment process.

Multichannel 2
Postage Options

Packaging Your Orders

With prepaid postage on eBay, you can use any type of packaging you have, attach a prepaid postage from eBay and you're ready to send. Alternatively, you can buy packaging from our eBay packaging store:

  1. Purchase eBay branded packaging through the eBay packaging store

  2. Packaging delivered for free to your warehouse, office or home

  3. Pay for your postage on eBay and print your postage labels.

  4. Attach postage labels to your packages and send your items

You can also purchase packaging from our postage providers:

  1. Australia Post packaging

  2. Sendle packaging


eBay Postage Labels Pricing

Sendle - Standard Rates

Sellers can purchase their Sendle labels on eBay, and choose to drop-off their parcels at a convenient location or book parcel pickup for no extra cost. Sendle labels over 500g also come with signature on delivery and transit cover up to $300 for no extra cost.

Max Weight Max Volume Prices (As of Oct 2019) 
500g 2L $6.13 $7.50 $20.50
1kg 4L $8.64 $10.10 $23.10
3kg 12L $9.99 $12.80 $25.80
5kg  20L $14.73 $27.73
10kg 40L $21.19 $34.19
25kg 100L $29.58 $42.58

All Sendle deliveries require a physical street address (Sendle can't deliver to post offices, PO boxes, locked bags, parcel lockers or parcel collect locations). Prices include a free pick-up option, transit cover up to $300 and free Signature on Delivery. Bear in mind, Sendle does not offer signature on delivery for parcels that weigh below 500g. Under eBay’s Money Back Guarantee policy, where a buyer claims that an item has not been received, one of the things sellers are required to provide in order to prove successful delivery for items valued at $750+ is  signature confirmation.

Sendle - Business Rates

Sellers who print a large number of postage labels through the eBay postage labels platform will receive a further discount to our negotiated rates with Sendle on eBay.

Sendle Discounted Business Rates
Max Weight Max Volume Same City National Remote
500g 2L $5.47 $7.06 $20.06
1kg 4L $7.17 $9.47 $22.47
3kg 12L $7.34 $11.95 $24.95
5kg 20L $7.57 $14.35 $27.35
10kg 40L $7.57 $20.21 $33.21
25kg 100L $7.57 $28.89 $41.89

How it works:

To qualify for discounted rates with Sendle on eBay, you must meet at least one of the following criteria over an 8-week period*:

  • 160 eBay postage labels printed, or
  • 160 eBay transactions for eBay Plus sellers, or
  • 300 eBay transactions

Once you qualify, you'll see the discounted rates for Sendle delivery options when buying and printing postage on eBay*. 

Keep an eye out on your inbox for an email letting you know when this offer has launched. 

*Criteria must be maintained on a rolling 8 week basis to continue receiving the discounted rates.

Australia Post 

Sellers can prepay for their Australia Post postage labels on eBay, add signature on delivery or insurance if required, and drop their parcels at a Post Office. 

Up to 5kg Parcel Post  Express Post 
Local  Metro Regional Local  Metro  Regional
S $8.21 $8.65 $8.95 $10.91 $11.50 $11.95
M $11.13 $11.74 $12.20 $14.28 $15.07 $15.70
L $13.97 $14.73 $15.35 $17.57 $18.53 $19.35
XL $16.80 $17.73  $18.50 $23.10 $24.38 $25.50

Find Australia Post's domestic postcode guide here. For parcels 5 kilograms or more, we calculate postage based on a fixed amount plus a cost per kilogram, depending on the destination.