eBay Selling Fees

All sellers can create 40 listings per month, free of charge. Most eBay business sellers choose to subscribe to a Store, with benefits like inclusive listings and discounted fees. 

Fees to sell a vehicle in our Motors category are a bit different, and listed below our standard fees on this page. Vehicle parts and accessories are subject to normal selling fees.


Insertion Fees

We charge insertion fees to list an item for sale. How much you'll pay depends on your chosen category and listing format. If you have a Store, you'll receive inclusive listings with your subscription. If you list in 2 categories, you’ll pay 2 insertion fees. 

Listing Format Starting Price or Category Insertion Fee (incl. GST)
Auction or fixed-price format (first 40 listings free) Starting price up to $100 $1.65
Starting price over $100 $3.85
Classified Ad Real Estate $54.95
Other categories $21.99

Final Value Fees

We charge a final value fee for each item sold, calculated as a percentage of the total price paid by the buyer, including shipping. How much you pay depends on the category in which you sell. If you sell in 2 categories, you’ll pay the higher of the 2 final value fees.

Listing Format Final Value Fee
Auction or Fixed-price 10.9% of the total sale amount, to a maximum $440 per item
Classified Ad $44.00 for items sold with Best Offer (available in the Services category)

Fees for Optional Listing Upgrades

You may choose optional upgrades to help your listings stand out. You’ll pay a fee for these, regardless of whether your item sells. If you list an item in 2 categories, you’ll pay a feature fee for each category.

Find out more about optional listing upgrades

Feature Description Fee (incl. GST)
Subtitle Add a subtitle beneath your listing title in search. $2.20
Auction + Buy It Now Encourage buyers to purchase for a set price, before an auction ends. free in most categories
$0.44 in a small number of categories
Scheduled Listings Create listings now and choose a future time to go live.  free in most categories 
$0.44 in a small number of categories 

For full details, see our category pricing list

Fees for eBay Motors

The fees for listing and selling a vehicle on eBay are a bit different from our standard fees. The amount we charge for selling in Motors vehicle categories depends on the listing format and optional features you choose. 

Standard selling fees apply when you sell vehicle parts and accessories.

Fees for eBay Motors


eBay Listing Fees for Vehicles

Fee Type

Listing Format 


Insertion Fees 

Fixed Price or Auction-Style

$8.80 including GST

Classified Ad with Best Offer

$21.99 including GST

Final Value Fee 

All Listing Formats 

$66.00 including GST


Optional Listing Upgrade Fees for Vehicles

Learn more about optional upgrades for your listings. Note that vehicle sellers can’t list in more than one category. 

Listing Upgrade


Reserve Price 

$16.45 including GST
(credited back if your item sells)*


$2.20 including GST

Auction + Buy It Now 

$0.50 + GST for Store subscribers
$0.11 (incl GST) for non- Store subscribers 

Scheduled Listing 

$0.44 including GST

If you list with a reserve price, and your vehicle sells, we’ll credit the reserve price fee back to your account, and you’ll pay a final value fee instead.

Fee Credits

Fees are normally non-refundable. But in some cases, you might be eligible for a credit, for example, if a sale doesn’t go through. 

Find Out More about Fee Credits 

Performance-Based Fee Surcharges 

We may apply additional final value fees in either of the following circumstances: 

  • If your account doesn’t meet our minimum performance standards at the time of sale, we’ll increase your fees by 4% for sales in all categories. 
  • If  we evaluate your rate of ‘Item Not as Described’ returns in your service metrics as ‘Very High,’ we’ll increase your fees by 5% for sales in those categories.  
    • View your service metrics from the Performance tab in the Seller Hub.

You can see which of your listings are subject to this additional fee from your Account Summary. 

Fee credits