About eBay Plus 

An eBay Plus badge lets buyers know you offer best-in-class service. We recognise and reward this with extra benefits and rewards. Come with us on the eBay Plus journey, and get the most out of eBay.

Seller Benefits 

As we pack more benefits into eBay Plus, we’re making sure we recognise and reward our top sellers.

Your listings with an eBay Plus badge benefit from: 

  • Additional protections
  • Extra visibility in search 
  • Member-only promotions 
  • Exclusive eBay Plus events

eBay Plus

Listings that earn an eBay Plus badge see up to a +16% sales uplift on average vs. listings that are not badged eBay Plus*

*Based on a comparative analysis of ~170K listings that didn’t have the Plus badge for at least 365 days and then obtained and had the badge for at least 180 days during 1/8/18 – 30/4/19.

Online Shopping

Access to the Most Engaged Buyers

Plus members visit eBay up to 5x more*, and spend up to 6x more than non-members**. By earning a Plus badge, you’ll benefit from access to this highly-engaged buyer base. We’re bringing more customers into the program every day. 

eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Rewards for Express Metro Delivery

Buyers in metro locations are likely to choose express delivery. We’ll feature sellers who meet our requirements in merchandised events and deals, as well as in exclusive retail promotions. That means multiple opportunities for your listings to appear in prominent merchandising placements, at no cost to you.

Simplified Selling Policies

Higher Conversion

It’s not just members who trust the badge -- we’ve seen that eBay Plus listings have a higher conversion rate for non-Plus buyers too. We want to build on that and give shoppers simpler, stronger signals to encourage them to buy on eBay, and from you.

*Based on visit frequency of Plus members vs. non-Plus members for May 2018 – May 2019.
** Based on average bought item value of Plus members vs. non-Plus members for July 2018 – July 2019.

Extra Protections 

We provide extra protections for eBay Plus-badged listings.

If you receive a false ‘Item not as described’ request

  • Let us know, using our new Report a Buyer tool.
  • If we determine the buyer made a false claim, we’ll credit your monthly invoice with a return postage label up to $9.
  • We’ll automatically remove any negative or neutral Feedback, defects, and open cases in your service metrics. 

If a returned item is opened, used or damaged

  • Issue a refund - You can deduct up to 50% to cover lost value. 
  • We’ll automatically remove any negative or neutral Feedback, defects, and open cases in your service metrics. 
  • We’ll step in to take care of any issues with the buyer on your behalf.

How to Earn an eBay Plus Badge

Here’s what you need to do to for us to add an eBay Plus badge to your listings:

eBay Plus Criteria*

Listing Benefits

As a seller:

  • Above Standard or eBay Top Rated
  • Compliant with our selling policies

For your listings:

  • Item location and return address in Australia
  • Fixed-price format
  • Item isn’t heavy or bulky

Postage and returns:

  • Free domestic postage**
  • No additional postage charge for multiple items
  • Accept 30-day+ returns

Trust and protection:

  • eBay Plus badge
  • Additional seller protections

Promotion and search:

  • Plus filter option in search
  • Support from us in exclusive promotions
  • Inclusion in eBay Plus buyer events


*eBay may exempt sellers from one or more of these criteria at eBay’s discretion.

**Free postage nationwide within Australia. You may exclude zones if your carrier doesn’t deliver there.

Unlock More Benefits

Australian shoppers are 45% more likely to purchase if they know the item will arrive in 2-3 days.* You can unlock additional benefits for your eBay Plus listings by making sure buyers can receive your items fast. 

Additional Criteria

Listing Benefits**

Postage and returns:

  • Express postage option***
  • 0-1 day handling time


Promotion and search:

  • Feature in exclusive eBay Plus events and merchandising 
  • Support from eBay for dedicated eBay Plus campaigns

* PayPal mCommerce Index Trends Report, 2017
**Only eBay Plus listings that meet these additional criteria will receive these bonus benefits.

***Required if your free postage option isn’t express. Express postage cost to metro areas must be no more than $15. See list of eligible carriers and services.

Growing your business

Tips to Earn an eBay Plus Badge

We have lots of tools to help you adjust your listings.

Update your business policies to apply handling, postage, and returns options to your listings in bulk. You might not always be able to offer the same level of service everywhere in the country. So you can also set postage rate tables to choose delivery options and costs by region.

Check the Seller Hub Performance tab to identify top-performing listings you might want to prioritise, or under-performing listings that could use a boost. You can also offer better service levels on inventory you’re planning to add or promote for holidays or end-of-season..

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