How Volume Pricing Works

With Volume Pricing, you’re in complete control of the discounts you offer. The more your buyers purchase, the more they save. All fixed-price listings are eligible.

For example, if you charge $10 for one item, and a buyer purchases multiples of that item, you can offer a tiered discount such as $9 each when you buy two, or $8 each when you buy three.  

Get Started With Volume Pricing  

Use our Volume Pricing Margin Calculator

You can choose to:

  • Set discount strategies for different groupings of inventory, or
  • Apply campaigns to individual listings (single or multi-quantity), item IDs (max 500 SKUs), categories, or all of your inventory.

How you set up campaigns is up to you. Set rules to include all of your listings under a selected item price, item condition, or category, or set individual exclusions. We’ll automatically add new listings to your existing campaigns when they meet the rules you’ve set. 

Setting Up Volume Pricing

To add Volume Pricing to your listings, head to your Promotions Dashboard from the Seller Hub Marketing tab, and select Promotions from the left menu. Click on Volume Pricing from the blue Create a Promotion drop-down. 

You can choose individual items or categories for a campaign, or define the rules, and we’ll automatically apply them to that selection of your inventory. 

Getting Started is Simple: 

  • Select Create Rules
  • Give your campaign a name that you can recognise on your Promotions dashboard later
  • To set a rule, choose All Inventory from the Categories drop-down
  • Choose the level of discounts you’d like to offer 
  • Set how long your promotion should - default is 3 years. 
  • Select Save and Review to return to the first screen.

Volume Pricing screen grab

To apply a discount to items at an individual level, tick the box next to Apply Discount to Single Item Only. We’ll only apply the discount when a buyer adds multiples of that item to their cart. For example, if items A, B, and C are in the same campaign, and you’ve ticked this box, we’ll only apply a discount if your buyer purchases multiple item As, Bs, or Cs. We won’t apply the discount if the buyer purchases item A with item B, or item C. 

If you’ve ticked the Apply Discount to Single Item Only box on a multi-variation listing, buyers will receive the discount if they buy multiple variations of that item; for example, multiple colours of the same shirt. 

Click Launch when you’re done. You can also save a draft and come back to complete the campaign, or schedule a campaign to go live later.

Note: A SKU or Item ID can only be opted-in to one Volume Pricing campaign at a time. If you add the same one to a new campaign, we’ll remove it from the first one.

Managing Your Volume Pricing 

Measure the success of your campaigns from the Manage Promotions page of the Seller Hub. We’ll organise campaigns by the names you’ve given them. 

Using the Actions drop-down, you can: 

  • Pause or Edit an active promotion
  • Resume, Delete, or Edit a paused promotion, or 
  • Delete an ended promotion 

When you Pause an active promotion, your buyers can no longer see the discount, and we won’t apply any special pricing. Restart your promotion by choosing Resume.

Change the offer name, inventory selection, or end date of an active Volume Pricing campaign, or edit entire campaigns if they’re in Draft or Scheduled status, from the Edit option.

Manage your campaign

Volume Pricing with Other Promotions

If you have multiple promotions running, here’s the priority we’ll use to display them: 

  1. Volume Pricing 
  2. Codeless Coupons
  3. Order Discounts
  4. Sale Event + Markdown 

If you’re using Volume Pricing with Codeless Coupons or Order Discounts, we’ll apply only the single best discount, based on what the buyer has in their cart. 

If you’re also running a markdown sale or a combined postage promotion, we’ll apply Volume Pricing on top of your discounted price.