We've compiled all of your buying and selling activity in one place. Use the navigation on the left to see certain types of listings, for example Sell > Active to view all of your current live listings. 

Select the More Actions drop-down beside any listing to take an action, including revising an active listing or buying and printing a postage label for sold items.


Receive and respond to secure messages from us and from other eBay members. 

You can receive three kinds of messages: 

  • Alerts: These come from us - they appear with a yellow exclamation point in front of them, and contain information that requires your immediate attention. 
  • Messages: These can be from us, or from other eBay buyers and sellers. 
  • General eBay Announcements: We’ll also send you general news and selling tips. 


This is where you can update your account preferences, like your address, eBay user ID and eBay Store subscription information.