Benefits of Tracking Orders

We encourage all sellers to use a tracked delivery method. Benefits include: 

  • Protection. Uploading tracking information means you’re protected against any unsolicited feedback, Item Not Received, and eBay Money Back Guarantee claims.
  • Participation in velocity-driving programs. Tracking is a key requirement for eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD), which helps increase your visibility on eBay.  
  • Happier customers. Buyers know where their item is and when they can expect it.

Postage Options

Australia Post Tracked Letter

Australia Post offers an affordable way to send and track your small items with their tracked domestic letter service. You’ll pay just $2.85 for a prepaid 125g envelope in a pack of 50, including domestic delivery, tracking and scanning on delivery.

More about Australia Post Tracked Letter

How to Upload Tracking to eBay

You can upload tracking information from virtually any carrier. Have a look at our list of supported carriers and IDs,  and make sure you include carrier names as they appear on the list. We’d recommend you copy and paste tracking numbers directly from your carrier’s website to avoid typos or missing digits.

Here’s a guide to the most popular options for integrating your tracking information with eBay, and the sales volumes they best suit.


Tool to upload tracking

          Your average parcels per week 

100 or less


Over 1000

Purchase postage labels on eBay




My eBay




Selling Manager Pro




Third party order management tool




eBay File Management Centre




eBay API









Automatic Tracking with eBay Printed Labels

When you buy and print shipping labels on eBay, we automatically upload tracking information to the site, and share it to your buyer. Both you and your buyer can check the status of a parcel at any time. 

With tracking, we automatically keep track of your on-time deliveries. As long as there’s an acceptance scan within your stated handling time, and/ or a delivery scan within the estimated delivery date, the shipment won’t be considered late.

Cases Closed Without Seller Resolution

Manually Uploading with the Seller Hub

  1. Go to the Orders tab within the Seller Hub.

  2. Select the check box next to the applicable item(s).

  3. Select Add Tracking Number from the Postage Action drop-down.

  4. Enter the tracking number and the name of your carrier, and click Save.

  5. We'll send your buyer an email with the tracking information.

Third-Party Management Tools

Third-party Order Management Tools


A third-party order management tool can make uploading tracking information quick and easy, which is important, especially if you are managing a high number of orders. We recommend Ready To Ship and Ship It. These providers automate tracking uploads as well as offer tools to automate the shipping process.

File Management Centre

We recommend File Management Centre when you have a large list of orders to update.

  1. Get information about dispatched orders and tracking IDs from your fulfilment team.

  2. Open the eBay Shipping Orders CSV File

  3. Update the correct columns:

    • If the order contains only 1 item, update the ItemID, TransactionID and ShipmentTrackingNumber columns

    • If the order contains multiple items, update ItemID, OrderID, TransactionID and ShipmentTrackingNumber

    • You don’t need to change the Action, ShippingStatus and ShippingCarrierUsed columns, or any of the headings. 

  4. Save the file in CSV format

  5. Login to your eBay account

  6. Change email address to your email address

  7. Under File Location, click to locate and choose the CSV file to be uploaded

  8. Click Upload to upload your file to eBay

  9. Check the result of your upload

  10. Once the file is successfully uploaded, you’ll receive a ‘Success’ or ‘Error’ report. 

    • If 'Error,' follow the steps in the message, and re-upload the file. 

    • If  'Success,' go to Orders tab and double-check your orders now include a valid tracking ID and have been marked as dispatched.

eBay API

If you sell large quantities, you may prefer to use our Trading Web Services (Trading API). You’ll be able to upload tracking and carrier names with the CompleteSale API. If you’re interested in this option, we’d recommend you save time and resources, and have a chat with one of our trusted eBay integration partners. That means you can instantly connect with their middleware instead of building your own connection to our APIs.

Direct Integration, the CompleteSale API and Other Related APIs
Connect with Our Integration Partners


If you use M2E, simply click Mark as Shipped on the Magento orders page to confirm you’ve dispatched the order, then add tracking details.