The Importance of Tracking

This year, COVID-19 has changed the way both sellers and carriers fulfil and deliver eBay orders, so it’s never been more important to ensure your orders are tracked. From 1 October 2020, if you use a tracked postage service and upload valid tracking information for your eBay orders, you’ll benefit from better Estimated Delivery Dates and increased seller protections. If you use an untracked service, your listings may show longer Estimated Delivery Dates and we will automatically close any Item Not Received requests after 3 business days.

Similarly, if you have a very high rate of Item Not Received requests, from 20 October we will extend your Estimated Delivery Dates. As is done today, we may also hold funds until there is a clear sign the item has been delivered.

Read more about these changes in the 2020 Spring Seller Update 

Benefits of Tracking Orders

  • Protection: Uploading tracking means you’re protected against negative delivery feedback or ‘item not received’ claims.
  • Inclusion in eBay Plus: eBay Plus will soon require all sellers to upload tracking on their Plus orders in order to retain the badge. 
  • Accurate Delivery Estimates: Tracking allows us to make confident delivery predictions based on actual carrier performance.
  • Happier customers: Buyers know where their item is and when they can expect it. This can mean less customer contacts and may result in repeat purchases.

The Difference Between a Tracked and an Un-tracked Service

  • A tracked postage service is one that is sent using an eBay-integrated carrier where valid tracking information is provided to eBay. 
  • An un-tracked postage service is one that is sent either using a non-eBay integrated carrier, a postage service with no tracking (i.e. an Australia Post Domestic Regular Letter Untracked) or where no valid tracking information is provided to eBay. 

To manage buyer expectations and to avoid being penalised for not uploading tracking information, please indicate at listing level if you’re using an untracked service such as Australia Post Domestic Letter.

How to Upload Tracking to eBay

There are a number of ways to upload tracking to eBay:

  • Automatically through your integration partner
  • In bulk using eBay File Exchange
  • Manually once you’ve marked the item as sent

Make sure you upload the correct carrier name and tracking number directly from the carrier’s website to avoid typos or missing digits. View your different options for uploading tracking to eBay below.


Automatic Tracking with eBay Postage

When you purchase your postage service and print your postage labels on eBay, tracking is uploaded automatically. 
This saves you time and provides a seamless customer experience.

eBay Postage also provides benefits which include:

  • Post with Australia Post or Sendle for as little as $6
  • Select a Pickup or Drop-Off parcel service 
  • Enjoy the benefits of automatic tracking
  • Use the Bulk Feature to purchase postage and print labels for multiple orders at once
Cases Closed Without Seller Resolution

eBay Virtual Tracking

For sellers who are using an Australia Post product*, eBay’s Virtual Tracking Number has got you covered. This code ensures we receive accurate tracking information and gives your buyers more visibility on the delivery of their items. This can reduce customer service contacts and ‘item not received’ claims. Remember to not remove or interfere with the code on your orders to ensure we get your tracking.

*If you’re not using a manifested product (for example, you’re purchasing postage in store), be sure to continue to upload tracking to eBay.

Third-Party Management Tools

Sending small items? Use Australia Post tracked letters.

Australia Post offers an affordable way to send and track your small items with their tracked domestic letter service. You’ll pay just $2.85 for a prepaid 125g envelope in a pack of 50, including domestic delivery, tracking and scanning on delivery. 

Remember to upload tracking to eBay once you’ve marked your item as sent.

Uploading Tracking for Digital Goods

If you are sending digital goods it's still important that you fill out tracking information for your order.

Simply use 'Email Delivery' as the carrier name and for the tracking number, enter something that works for you to easily track the transaction (i.e. JOHN12364HOTMAILCOM or EMAILSENT1203AEST25062020)