About Sendle’s 2-Day Guaranteed Delivery

Sendle is one of Australia’s highest-rated courier companies,* delivering parcels almost anywhere nationwide. And with their 2-Day Delivery Guarantee, you can benefit from the eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD) program with the confidence your items will arrive on time.

With Sendle’s 2-Day Delivery Guarantee, you’ll have: 

  • Access to special discounted rates like free Sendle Premium (valued at $120/ year)
  • Protection from late deliveries 
  • No impact on your seller performance for any courier delays 
  • Guaranteed delivery to most regions in Australia 

Sign-Up for Sendle’s 2-Day Guaranteed Delivery

How the 2-Day Guarantee Works

Sendle is a door-to-door courier, that offers free pick-up. Once you’ve set up an account with, booking is simple:

  1. Link your eBay Store with Sendle from the Seller Hub, or your third-party listing provider. 
  2. Upload your eBay orders to Sendle (or import them with eBay integration). 
  3. Print postage labels and specify your parcel pick-up date (this is the booking process).
  4. Pack your parcel and add the postage label. 
  5. Book a parcel pick-up with Sendle for your preferred date.
  6. Hand over your packed and ready parcel to the courier.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery
Growing your business

Seller Protection

Sendle guarantees delivery in 2 business days from the pick-up scan.** That means you’ll need to factor in your handling time when making a promise to your buyers. So, if your handling time is 1 day, you’ll need to specify a guaranteed delivery time of 3 days. 

In the rare case a guaranteed item doesn’t arrive within 2 business days from the pick-up scan, Sendle will cover the postage cost. Just make sure you upload your Sendle tracking number correctly into our system.

Sendle will send parcels nationwide from 0.5kg satchels to 25kg, and a maximum volume of 100L (0.1m3). Have a look at Sendle’s Size and Weight Guidelines.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery 

Using Sendle’s 2-Day Guaranteed Delivery means your listings will qualify for our eGD program, so you’ll benefit from increased search visibility, sales potential, and customer satisfaction.