From Market Stall to Marketplace : How the Gamesmen Have Embraced the Digital age With eBay

Continuing their father’s legacy, brothers Daniel and Chris Cusumano and sister Deanna Cusumano have led The Gamesmen through changing times and into a digital age. It was 2011 when they first came onto eBay as a business - taking their own photos, writing their own descriptions, manually managing their own inventory. Soon there was demand for hundreds of...

Seller Success Story eBay - The Gamesmen

Applied Learning: How eBay gave KG Electronic the tools to become the marketplace player they are today

Employing their collective experience as salesmen and knowledge of electronics, in 2007 Doron Kushlin and Nimrod Ganon each invested $2750 to import TV brackets from China to sell to retailers. They quickly realised it wasn't working, and so they  turned to eBay to sell their excess stock. Soon they were selling large volumes on the platform, reinvesting the profits to buy more brackets and eventually expanding into...

Seller Success Story - eBay KG Electronic

Jumping in the Driver’s Seat: How Martin Sellers’ Corporate Experience Made way for Resto Country’s Strategic Success

As a car enthusiast and coming from a corporate background, Martin Sellers was looking for a business that was performing reasonably offline and on eBay. Seeing potential in Kingswood Country /  Resto Country, he bought the auto parts business a decade ago and has used his experience to create steady and consistent growth since. Their customer base is mainly made up of those undergoing a restoration process for a number of years; their dad’s car, their first car - something with an emotional...

eBay seller Story spotlight resto country

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