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Good customer service turns buyers into repeat, loyal customers. While most transactions go smoothly on eBay, we’ve developed tools to help you prevent issues and resolve them easily and safely, should they arise.

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My eBay automated emails

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To help keep your buyers updated and save you time, we'll send automated emails when they make a purchase, to remind them to pay, to provide tracking details you've uploaded or to ask them to leave Feedback.
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Save time with Question & Answers

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When buyers click Ask a question in your listing, they can be presented with a set of pre-answered questions. Providing answers to common questions upfront will save you time by reducing buyer enquires – both before and after a purchase.
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The Resolution Centre is a central place for you to communicate with your buyers to resolve issues or concerns about products or transactions. The Resolution Centre can help you with:

  • Unpaid items
    If you don't receive payment for an item you've sold, you can use the Resolution Centre to work it out with the buyer.
    Learn more about the unpaid item process.
  • Cancelling a transaction  
    If you've sold an item but can't go through with the sale (or you agree to cancel the buyer's order), you can cancel the transaction in the Resolution Centre and you may receive a credit on your final value fee.
    Learn more about fee credits.
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If you can cancel a transaction because the item is not available (i.e out of stock), you will receive a defect for that transaction and that can impact your seller level.

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Buyers sometimes make mistakes and misunderstandings can happen. In many situations, the best way to sort out a problem is to request their contact details and give them a phone call.

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Helpful Resources 1
Buyer requirements

Using buyer requirements to limit who can buy your items can help to reduce customer service issues. For example, block buyers from countries you don't post to, or those that have a negative Feedback score.

Find out more

Helpful Resources 2
Unpaid Item Assistant

Use this handy tool to open and close unpaid item cases on your behalf. It can even relist your unpaid items automatically.
Find out more about setting buyer requirements using Unpaid Item Assistant.

Find out more