Grow Your Business with Promotions Manager

Offering compelling promotions can help you: 


  • Attract more buyers
  • Clear old stock
  • Cross-sell complementary products or accessories
  • Increase your average order size
  • Lower postage costs while increasing margins through bundled orders
  • Create unique offer pages to give your inventory greater visibility

Start Running Seller Hub Promotions Now

Types of Promotions

Promotional Postage

Offering free postage can significantly increase your chance of a sale. You can set rules for a minimum value or quantity to qualify for free or discounted postage. We’ll automatically display these offers on your listings that qualify. 

Order Discounts

Increase your order size and upsell to customers who are about to convert. You can offer a free item, or a dollar or percentage discount for multiples. 

Examples: ‘Buy 2 get 10% off,’ ‘20% off when you buy 3,’ ‘Buy 5 and receive a $20 discount,’ or a simple ‘Buy 2 get 1 free.’  

Codeless Vouchers

Offer an exclusive discount that only appears to buyers who have the voucher link. This is a great way to drive loyalty and encourage buyers to purchase from you again. 

Examples:  E.g. ‘Spend $50 and qualify for free postage,’ ‘Free postage for orders of 4 items or more,’ or if you already offer free postage, ‘Free express upgrade when you spend $75.’ 

Sales Events + Markdown 

Offer discounts with strike-through prices on your listings. You can sell clearance items or merchandise around special events by highlighting your discounted range, and showing buyers how much they’ll save.