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We’re taking a crack at making Australia’s longest ad and we want you in it! There are amazing prizes up for grabs, so don't miss out, join us today.

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We're off to create Australia's longest ad, and we want you, our Aussie sellers, to be a part of it. The ad will air in January and will give you the chance to share your journey and story with Australia. There are some amazing prizes up for grabs for the best videos, so check out what you could win below.

Professional Sellers

If you're a professional seller, the winner of the best video will nab a $25,000 eBay advertising pack*! We’ll work with you to create a campaign to help drive traffic to your store and products.

$25,000 Advertising package

Promotion in an eBay events digest email (worth $7,000)

Merchant promotion / ad placements on eBay’s top of search result page (worth $5,000)
Our creative team will design all the ad placements you’ll need for the advertising pack (up to $3,000)
Up to $1,000 credit on your Promoted Listings fees
$9,000 worth of advertising on promoting your store

The 5 runners up will feature in a bespoke event under our Small Aussie Business Events on our Sales & Events page in Q1 2018. If you’ve already sent us your video don’t worry, you’re in the running too.

*Videos must be submitted by midnight, Sunday 10 December 2017. T&Cs apply.

Private Sellers

If you're a private seller, the winner of the best video will win $5,000 worth of vouchers.

ebay vouchers
5 x $1,000 eBay vouchers** (that's $5,000 total!)
**Videos must be submitted by midnight, Sunday 10 December 2017. T&Cs apply.
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What you Need to Do

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*Please note that by sending us your video you agree to our Terms and Conditions and all releases.

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Want to create a winning entry? Make sure you record with your phone horizontal rather than vertical.

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Need Some Inspiration?

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Check out videos from other sellers to get you some ideas and inspiration on what to include in your video.

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