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The eBay Catalogue

When you create listings, we suggest products from our catalogue, based on the keywords you include in your title or item specifics. When you select the item you’re selling, we automatically add the correct product identifiers and item specifics, as well as one or more product photos. 

Including this information makes your listings more complete, and helps buyers find what they’re looking for.

It’s important to only select suggestions that exactly match your product. If you select a product that’s slightly different, such as a model from a different year, or with different specifications, you mislead buyers and will be responsible for any associated claims. 

If there aren’t matches for your item, simply create your listing manually. You can also suggest additions to the eBay Catalogue, so we best represent what you sell. 

If you find inconsistent information in a product entry, click the flag icon beside the product in question, or please let us know at


Product Reviews

By reading customer ratings and reviews, buyers can shop with confidence and make more informed purchase decisions. 

We host product reviews on eBay, so buyers can complete their entire shopping journey with us - from research through to purchase. Listings linked to a review see an average 18% uplift in sales.*

Based on the information you provide, such as item specifics, we match your listings to reviews for that item. The more information we have, the better we can connect you with the right buyers.

Product Reviews

We have 2 types of product reviews:

  • Verified Reviews: Left by buyers we know have purchased the item on eBay.
  • Unverified Reviews: Left by customers who have purchased an item elsewhere. 

You’ll see a star rating at the top of each listing matched to a product review, which is an average of all scores submitted for both types of reviews. Buyers can explore further for more detail. 

*Source: ‘Ecommerce Consumer Reviews: Why you need them, and how to use them.’ Econsultancy, July 8, 2015

How We Moderate Product Reviews

All reviews must comply with our community content policy. If you feel a review displayed with your listing is inappropriate, offensive, or incorrectly matched, you can report this to us. Select ‘Report’ next to the relevant review, and tell us why you think it should be removed. We take all reports very seriously, and we’ll remove any reviews that violate our policies.