Postage Rate Table Options

We always recommend you offer free postage. But where you do charge, you can set up postage rate tables for more:

Customisation: Set postage costs for 100 regions, with up to 20 unique tables per account.

Control: Specify cut-off times for same-day handling for accurate delivery estimates.

Options: Give buyers choice with costs for Standard and Express delivery.

To offer free postage to certain regions, just set the value in your table to $0. If you leave a field blank, we’ll calculate the rate based on your specified flat postage cost.

You Can Set Your Postage Rates in Three Ways:


Based on… 


Best for… 


Service and destination

Set different rates and options for farther locations 

Items of a similar size and weight


Item weight (as specified in your listing)

Fixed base cost + additional fixed amount per kg. 

Heavier items/ a range of items that vary in size and weight


Service and destination

Choose a base postage rate and add a surcharge by region

Items of a similar size and weight 

Setting Up Postage Rate Tables

Before getting started, identify the carriers and services you wish to use, as well as where you want to sell. Make sure you’re ready with your carrier delivery time and costs by region.

Next, map your carrier information maps with our predefined delivery zones. You can browse by region or breakdown by postcode.

Rate Tables

To set up your postage rate tables:

  • Head to My eBay and select the Account tab
  • From the left navigation select Business Policies > Site Preferences
  • Select Postage Preferences from the left side of the page
  • Choose Edit beside Use Postage Rate Tables
  • Name your rate table, e.g. ‘Rates for small items’ 
  • Set your rates based on service, location, weight or surcharge. 
  • Save your rate table - choose a name you’ll remember, e.g. ‘Rates for small items’

Rate Tables

Once you’ve created rate tables, you can apply them on an individual listing level, or using our bulk edit and relist tool. You can also create a business policy to apply rules to your listings. 

If you don’t want to offer postage to some regions, you can also do this from your Business Policies. Simply select Exclusion List at the bottom, and specify which regions