Delight Your Buyers with Postage Discounts

Offering free or discounted postage encourages buyers to shop with you. Postage discounts are a great way to incentivise buyers to add more items to their cart. 

You can offer either Combined or Promotional Postage Discounts. You’ll save by posting items together, and buyers unlock discounted or free postage for orders over a certain amount.

PL Updates

Set-Up Combined Payments in My eBay

To start, you’ll need to enable combined payments. This means buyers can pay for multiple orders with one payment, and we can apply discounts right at checkout.

Enable combined payments from My eBay > Account > Site preferences > Combined Payments and Postage Discounts.

Combined Postage Discounts

With combined payments enabled,  select Edit or Create under Flat-Rate Postage Rule.

Buyers pay postage for whichever item is most expensive to post. You can then set a flat postage rate or a discount percent for each additional item.

For example, someone buys three items from you. The shipping costs for the items are $10, $6 and $4. The buyer pays the $10 for the first and, in addition, your options are:

  • Set a flat postage rate for each additional item, e.g. $2 for each additional item.
  • Offer a set discount, e.g. $1 off the shipping rate for each additional item.
  • Offer a percentage discount for each additional item, e.g. 10% off.
  • Select Add Profiles to create rules to apply to listings how and when you choose.

Flat postage
Promotional Postage

Promotional Postage Discounts

Encourage buyers to spend more by offering free or discounted postage with a minimum order value, or setting a cap for the maximum shipping buyers pay for one order.

You can also set custom rules for how you’d like to offer discounts. We’ll apply these to qualifying listings where you’ve enabled postage discounts.

Get started at My eBay > Account > Site preferences > Combined Payments and Postage Discounts and select Edit or Create under Promotional Postage Rule.