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Item Tracking

Delivery tracking provides valuable information that is beneficial to both you and your buyer. This information allows everyone to understand where the item is and its estimated delivery time. Tracking is critical to your selling success and best of all, it’s easy to set up. Choose from a number of different options to upload tracking information to eBay.

Topics we'll cover

What is Postage Tracking?

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Postage tracking is information provided by the postage carrier on the whereabouts of a parcel once it has been entered into their system. It allows both buyers and sellers to easily trace the item’s journey, knowing how far it is away from the destination as well as providing information on each step in the parcel’s journey, or ‘tracking events’. We encourage all eBay sellers to use a postage method that offers tracking and upload this information to eBay.

There are a number of ways to upload the information to eBay and these are explained below.

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Benefits of Tracking

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  • Protection – Uploading tracking information means you’ll be protected against any unsolicited feedback and eBay Money Back Guarantee claims
  • Participation in key programs - Tracking is a key requirement of eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD).  Sellers who participate in eGD will benefit from greater visibility on eligible listings and will be able to provide buyers with fast, accurate and reliable delivery.
  • Improves customer service – Faster and easier dispute resolution
  • Happier customers – Your buyers will know where their item is and when they should expect delivery
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Australia Post Tracked Letter

To help increase buyers' confidence when shopping with you, Australia Post is trialling a Domestic letter with tracking service. The new trial service costs $2.20 per prepaid 125g envelope ($2.14 per pack of 10) and includes domestic delivery, tracking, and scanning on delivery - making it an economical way to send and track your items. Find out more on how Domestic letter with tracking can help grow your business.

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What Is Valid Tracking and Why Is It so Important?

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A valid tracking number means the number has no typos or missing digits. A valid tracking number is important as it means you can accurately track the item and know how far it is from the delivery destination. An invalid tracking number could result in not being able to locate the item or know its whereabouts if there's a delay in delivery.

Please download the full list of carriers we support and their carrier IDs. It's highly recommended that you upload using the carrier names as per this list as this will ensure accuracy when mapping.

Valid Tracking

With a valid tracking number the item's tracking status can be traced using the tracking ID.

Valid Tracking


Invalid Tracking

An invalid tracking number means the item's tracking status cannot be traced.

Invalid Tracking


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How to Upload Tracking to eBay

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Tracking information from virtually any carrier can be uploaded to eBay. Below is a guide to the available options and the parcel volumes they best suit.

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Available tools for uploading tracking AVERAGE PARCELS EACH WEEK up to 100 AVERAGE PARCELS EACH WEEK 100-1000 AVERAGE PARCELS EACH WEEK over 1000
Purchase postage labels on eBay    
My eBay    
Selling Manager Pro    
Third party order management tool    
eBay File Management Centre    
eBay API    
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All Australia Post services offered on eBay through our postage label printing platform include online tracking. In fact, when you buy and print your postage on eBay, tracking information is automatically uploaded to eBay and sent to your buyer.

  • Both you and your buyer can then check the status of a parcel at any time in My eBay.
  • Because the tracking is integrated with eBay, late shipment rate data is updated automatically. As long as there’s an acceptance scan within your promised handling time and/or a delivery scan within the estimated delivery date, the shipment won’t be considered late.
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  1. Go to the Orders tab within the Seller Hub.
  2. Select the check box next to the applicable item(s).
  3. Select Add Tracking Number from the Postage action drop-down in Seller Hub. (Make sure there are no typos or missing digits when you enter your tracking number to ensure you and the buyer can track the item’s journey)
  4. Enter the tracking number and the name of your carrier. Click Save.
  5. We'll send your buyer an email with the tracking information.
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A 3rd-party order management tool can make uploading tracking information quick and easy, which is important, especially if you are managing a high number of orders. We recommend Ready To Ship and Ship It. These providers automate tracking uploads as well as offer tools to automate the shipping process:

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  1. Get information regarding all of the day’s dispatched orders & respective tracking IDs from your fulfilment team
  2. Open the eBay Shipping Orders CSV File
  3. Updating the correct columns:
    • The columns Action, ShippingStatus and ShippingCarrierUsed need not be changed
    • If the order has only 1 item in the order, update ItemID, TransactionID and ShipmentTrackingNumber columns
    • If the order has multiple items in the order, update ItemID, OrderID, TransactionID and ShipmentTrackingNumber
    • Please do not change the headings in the CSV file
  4. Save the file in CSV format
  5. Login to your eBay account
  6. Change email address to your email address
  7. Under File location, click to locate and choose the CSV file to be uploaded
  8. Click Upload to upload your file to eBay
  9. Check the result of your upload
  10. Once the file has been uploaded successfully, you’re provided with a report to advise the result of the upload. Result will either be a Success or an Error
    • If Error, take necessary steps as per error message and re-upload. Inform us of any repetitive errors so we can help
    • If Success, go to Orders tab and double-check that orders have been updated with a tracking ID and have been marked as shipped

This might seem like a series of new steps to perform, but it’s recommended when you have a large list of orders to update. Manual updating works better when you have fewer number of orders.

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If you sell large quantities and prefer to interact with eBay through the eBay Trading Web Services (Trading API), tracking information and carrier name can be passed via the CompleteSale API. If you’re looking to switch to using one of our APIs, we highly recommend consulting with some of our trusted eBay integration partners as you can instantly connect to their middleware instead of building your own connection to eBay APIs saving you valuable time and resources.

  • For direct integration, more details regarding CompleteSale API and other related APIs can be found here
  • For connecting with one of our integration partners, please read more information here
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If you're using M2E, simply click Mark as Shipped on the Magento orders page to confirm that you have dispatched the order, and then add tracking details. For more details on uploading tracking with M2E visit the View and edit eBay order details help page.

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The easiest way to ensure you provide accurate tracking information is by copying and pasting it directly from your carrier’s website. Tracking information can also be accessed on the item's Order Details page, ask Seller a Question page and in requests or cases in our Resolution Centre.

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