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Returns are a fact of life in retail and ecommerce. They’re also a major consideration for buyers when choosing where to purchase online. Offering a generous returns policy doesn't just make buyers happy - it could help you sell more.

Topics we'll cover

How Returns Work

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The returns flow is simple:

  1. The buyer requests a return
  2. You respond to the return request
  3. The buyer prints a return postage label
  4. The buyer posts the item back to you
  5. You inspect the item and issue a refund
  6. The return is closed and you can relist the item
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Types of Returns

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On eBay, buyers can initiate a return request for one of two reasons:

  1. Change of mind returns:
    • You decide whether to offer change of mind returns. Your customers will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with a generous returns policy and we recommend you set a 30-day returns policy or better on your listings
    • You also choose who’s responsible for return postage costs, the buyer or yourself. We recommend that you offer free returns (seller paid) on all your listings to provide a returns experience that’s consistent and competitive with the evolving market.
  2. Item not as described returns:
    • If a buyer believes they didn't get what they ordered, the request falls under the eBay Money Back Guarantee policy.
    • Regardless of your stated return policy, you are required to work with the buyer to find a suitable resolution when a return request is started because an item is not as described.
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If your stated return period and/or the eBay Money Back Guarantee window has closed, you should also review your obligations under the Australian Consumer Law with regard to accepting returns.

Learn more about creating your return policy and using the return process.

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Lift Sales With Free Returns

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The better your returns policy is, the more attractive you'll be to buyers. The chart below shows the conversion lift you can expect by moving your listings to free returns.

No returns 30 day free returns 26%
No returns 60 day free returns 37%
14 day returns 30 day free returns 14%
14 day returns 60 day free returns 23%
*Conversion lift seen based on January 2018 data. Individual results may vary. eBay does not guarantee that each seller will experience the same lift. “Free returns” refers to when the seller pays return postage no matter the reason for return, with no restocking fee.
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Manage Your Return Policies

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Save time by adding your preferred postage, payment and returns options to business policies that you can apply to your listings.

You can apply these policies to listings instead of specifying payment, postage and returns options every time you list. Creating multiple policies gives you the flexibility to include different preferences depending on what you're listing. Read more on how to set them up in Set your business policies.

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Handling Returns Requests

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Keeping on top of your return requests is all part of providing great customer service, and we give you the tools to handle them efficiently.

To check the status of your current return requests, head to Returns within the Seller Hub. We'll also email you whenever there's a new return request, as long as you have that option enabled in your Communication preferences.

When you receive a return request, eBay may automatically accept the return on your behalf.  If we don’t, you have 3 business days to take one of the following actions:

  • Accept the return
  • Refund the buyer and allow them to keep the item.
  • Offer a partial refund and allow them to keep the item.
  • Send the buyer a message if you need more information, or can help them resolve their issue without returning the item.

If you are responsible for the return postage costs (seller paid):

  • Offer the buyer the Australia Post or ParcelPoint Returns service if your listing meets the eligibility criteria (eligibility criteria in FAQs below)
  • Upload your own label
  • Arrange for your buyer to return in another way

We'll keep you updated each step of the way - including when you can expect to receive the returned item and the due date for sending the buyer a refund.  We also make it easy for you to complete any actions such as issuing a refund.

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Remember you can save time by customising your returns preferences. You can specify when you want to expedite different types of return requests by instructing eBay to process them automatically.

For example, you can automatically approve all return requests or requests for a certain reason. Or for items up to a certain value, you may prefer to automatically issue a refund and inform the buyer to keep the item.

You can also issue RMA numbers. A RMA number is a reference number you can use to keep track of returns. You don’t have to add them and, if you don’t, we will automatically generate a unique returns ID that you can use to match returned items against your listings in My eBay. Just head to your Return preferences and select 'Give me the option to add a RMA'  to switch them on.

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Return Services

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We know you’re busy running your business and dealing with returns can be a hassle at times. We also know if buyers aren’t happy with their item, they want to be able to return it easily to you.

That’s why we’ve partnered with ParcelPoint to come up with return solutions that’s simple, easy and will keep buyers happy.

ParcelPoint Returns

In just a few clicks, buyers can print the returns label and drop the item off at one of over 1,300 extended hours ParcelPoint locations or organise a courier to send the item back at a small additional cost. Have peace of mind over the returns process; with guaranteed tracking, you’ll always know where the item is.

ParcelPoint Prices*

The cost of using ParcelPoint depends on the size and weight of package being returned. Pricing information will appear when parcel size is entered on the ParcelPoint site. ParcelPoint Returns prices* (inclusive of GST) are as follows:

  Drop-off Pickup
Up to 500g $6.95 $8.95
500g – 1kg $8.95 $10.95
1kg – 3kg $10.95 $12.95
3kg – 5kg $13.95 $15.95
5kg – 10kg $15.95 $17.95

*These prices cover returns between metropolitan and major regional areas, including interstate returns (e.g. Sydney to Perth). A remote location surcharge of up to $12.00 may apply if the seller is located in a remote area.

Australia Post Returns
By using Australia Post labels, you have access to a great returns service at great prices. With deliveries to all the Australian major capital cities and more, you can provide buyers with an excellent shopping experience.

Please note: As per our agreement with Australia Post, the prices for our eParcel account are subject to an annual increase. This year’s increase will occur on 30 March 2019. Please see updated prices below.

Australia Post Prices

From Zone Eastern Seaboard metro and major regional Adelaide perth Tasmania, Regional VIC, NSW & QLD NT, North QLD, Regional SA & WA
Up to 500g $6.70 $7.73 $8.76 $9.79 $12.88
500g – 1kg $7.60 $8.83 $11.85 $11.15 $14.83
1kg – 3kg $8.23 $10.33 $15.37 $13.19 $20.65
3kg – 5kg $9.14 $12.76 $21.05 $16.51 $29.88
5kg – 10kg $11.18 $16.44 $29.53 $21.51 $43.58
10kg - 22kg* $14.37 $24.32 $49.20 $32.40 $74.79
*Not currently supported by eBay in-flow returns service.
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ParcelPoint Returns

Australia Post Returns