Severe Weather and Flooding Across NSW and QLD

Last Updated 24 March 2021

What you Need to Know

Severe weather and flooding across NSW and QLD may have affected your eBay business and deliveries. We’re implementing a range of protections to support you and keep your eBay business running.

How We’re Protecting you

The following protections apply to sellers based in or sending items to NSW postcodes starting with 22, 24 or 27 and QLD postcodes starting with 41, 42 and 45. These protections apply to transactions from 0:01 AEST 19 March 2021 until at least 11:59 AEST 29 March 2021:

  • Late Shipments and Cancellations

We will automatically remove your Late Shipment Rate defects, Seller Cancellation defects and related Negative or Neutral Feedback received for transactions between the above dates. 

  • Item Not Received Claims

Your open Item Not Received (INR) count in Service Metrics, along with any related Negative or Neutral Feedback will be removed for transactions between the above dates. To be eligible, upload valid tracking before the estimated delivery date.

Estimated Delivery Date Extensions

We’re also extending Estimated Delivery Dates onsite until 29 March for affected areas noted above across NSW and QLD. This change will help manage buyer expectations and give you more time to fulfil your orders.

Taking Time Away From Your eBay Business

If you need to take a break from your eBay Store, you can use our Time Away settings to hide your fixed-price listings. This means buyers won't see them in your Store or in search. Buyers who have already purchased items will be able to view them.

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