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Use My eBay to track your buying and selling activity, message other eBay members, receive announcements and update your account information. Access My eBay via the link on the top right of most pages.

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Select the Activity tab to view your recent eBay activity. Use the left hand menu to navigate to other sections to manage your selling activity, for example;

  • View active, scheduled, sold and unsold listings
  • Check your Current Seller Level
  • View reminders
  • Track and manage postage labels
  • Manage returns
  • Add your own notes against listings
  • View promotions
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Use the Account tab to view or update your personal account information. You can also revise your communication and site preferences, as well as access the resolution centre and subscriptions. Review the information below for a complete list of options found under the Account tab.

  • My account: View a summary of your selling account, including current balance and payment method.
  • Business information: Update your user ID, password, telephone PIN, profile page, email address, mailing address, and automatic payment method.
  • Addresses: Update your registration, payment, and postal addresses.
  • Communication preferences: Choose how and when you receive notifications from eBay about your buying and selling activity. Choose how members communicate with you.
  • Site preferences: Update your selling and general preferences.
  • Mange communications with buyers:

- View emails that eBay sends to your customers after a transaction.

- Edit your automated questions and answers.

- Business sellers and/or Selling Manager Pro users can edit eBay emails.

  • Seller dashboard: If you’re a seller with at least 10 detailed seller ratings, you’ll have access to the Seller Dashboard to keep track of how you're performing as an eBay seller.
  • Feedback: Review items awaiting feedback and feedback you’ve received recently.
  • PayPal account: View your PayPal account information.
  • Seller account:

- View your seller account summary.

- Edit your automatic payment method.

- View statements for eBay application subscriptions.

  • Subscriptions: Subscribe to tools for selling and buying on eBay.
  • Resolution centre: Work with other members to resolve problems with transactions. Learn more about the Resolution Centre.
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Use the Messages section of My eBay to communicate with other eBay members. You’ll also receive messages from eBay here.

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