To list in these formats, your listings must be fixed-price, your feedback score must be higher than 15, and your items must be priced at $0.99 each or higher.

Multi-Quantity Listings

Sell multiple identical items in a single listing. Not only will you save time listing, you’ll only pay insertion fees for a single listing. 

In the Selling Details section of the listing form, select Fixed Price and enter the number of items you’re selling under Quantity.

You can decide whether buyers see how many of that item you have left, or a ballpark, such as ‘more than 10.’ 

Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences > Sell Your Item Form and Listings > Show The Exact Quantity of Items In Your Listing if the Quantity Exceeds 10 and select your preferred option.

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Out-Of-Stock for Multi-Quantity Listings

Activate this feature to hide your multi-quantity, Good 'Til Cancelled listings when they reach a quantity of zero. Buyers won't find your items in search while they're hidden, but your listings will remain active and retain sales history. When you replenish stock and update the quantity, we’ll make your listing visible again. 

If a buyer’s watching or has saved or bookmarked your listing, they’ll still be able to find it. We’ll show an alert at the top to say you're currently out of stock.

If you're using the out-of-stock feature, your Good 'Til Cancelled listings with a quantity of zero for an entire monthly billing period may qualify for an insertion fee credit at the end of that period.

Activate the Out-of-Stock Feature

  1. Go to Site Preferences in My eBay
  2. Under Selling Preferences, click Show. next to Sell Your Item Form and Listings 
  3. Click Edit next to Use The Out-Of-Stock Option.
  4. Select the checkbox and click Apply.

Remember to update the quantity when you have more stock to show your hidden listings again. 

We'll automatically end Good 'Til Cancelled listings that have a quantity of zero for the entirety of three consecutive monthly billing periods.

You can disable the out-of-stock feature from Selling Preferences at any time. You’ll then need to manually amend or end listings where you’ve run out of stock.

Multi-Variation Listings

You may want to offer variations of a product, such as colour, or style. There are lots of benefits to including multiple variations in a single listing:

  • Spend less time listing
  • Pay fewer insertion fees 
  • Rank higher in search, with sales concentrated in one listing
  • Delight buyers with more choice

Download the Complete List of Categories That Support Listings with Variations

multi-variation listings

How to Add Variations When Listing

1. Select your category. If the category allows it, you’ll see the option to list with variations.

2. Select your variations from options shown, or create your own. 

3. Help buyers find your items by specifying item specifics that apply across variations, like brand or material. Check our list of required and recommended item specifics. 

4. Add photos. You can add up to 12 main photos, plus another 12 photos for each variation, all for free.

5. Enter the price and quantity for each variation. You can also create listings with variations using our API and other selling tools.