More than half of eBay transactions have a mobile touchpoint.

Here’s how you can benefit from the work we do to mobile optimise our site: 

  • Include the correct item specifics, and we’ll make sure important information appears where it should on mobile devices.
  • Use our listing fields for postage, payment, and returns information, so we can surface this information to buyers.
  • Keep the formatting simple in item descriptions. Use black font, size 12-14, on a white background for readability. Use bold headings and bullet points for easy scanning.
  • Don’t use active content, including JavaScript, Flash and form actions.
Mobile Optimisation

Check How Your Listings Look on Mobile

You should always check how your listings look on your own mobile device, to see if there’s anything you could improve.

You can also use the i-ways Checker to see if your listings are fully optimised. Simply enter the item number for the listing you’d like to check. You can find this in My eBay > Selling.  

Another option is Device Mode in the Chrome Internet browser. Go to one of your listings and press Ctrl+Shift+I. After you've opened Device Mode, you may need to add an m at the beginning of the page URL, for example, You’ll see how the current page looks on mobile, and you can select different devices and screen resolutions using the menus at the top.

Use our Photo Uploader

You can upload up to 12 images to your listings using our photo uploader, and we’ll make sure they look great on mobile devices. We recommend that you don’t add images to your item descriptions as they might not work well on mobile.

The larger the image, the better, and a minimum of 1,600px on the largest side is a good place to start. Make it easy for your buyer to view your item by making sure what you’re selling fills the entire frame, with minimal empty space in the background.

Item descriptions on mobile

Item Descriptions on Mobile

We show item descriptions a little differently on mobile devices. Buyers will see a shorter version of your description, called a ‘mobile description summary.’

These summaries contain the relevant information for mobile shoppers, and are optimised to help surface your listings in search both on and off eBay.

By default, we automatically generate 250 character description summaries based on your full item description. You can choose to customise this, up to 800 characters.

If your item description is less than 800 characters and uses basic HTML, CSS or text-only, we’ll display the entire description.

Customise Your Mobile Item Description

If you’re comfortable working with HTML, you can decide which content to use for your mobile description summary, by including this HTML tag in your listing:

<div vocab="" typeof="Product"><span property="description">[your description summary goes here]</span></div>

We’ll use all of the text between the <span> tags as your item description on mobile devices. The text between these tags must not exceed 800 characters, and we’ll cut any characters over the limit. 

These basic HTML tags can be used within the text, and will count towards your character limit:

  • Ordered and unordered list tags (<ol>, </ol>, <ul>, </ul>, <li>, and </li>). Each list element (<li>element1</li>) takes up 3 characters. The other necessary tags for lists (<ol>, </ol>, <ul>, </ul>, and </li>) do not count towards the character limit.
  • Each &nbsp; (non-breaking space) takes up 1 character.
  • Each <br> or <br/> tag takes up 50 characters