We charge optional listing upgrades separately from your standard selling fees. Find out more about pricing for Listing Upgrades. 


Make your listings stand out by adding a line of additional text beneath your title. We’ll display your subtitle both in search results, and on the listing itself. 

Be sure to use descriptive keywords, that provide additional information about what you’re selling, and that buyers are likely to search. For example: 

Title: Brand new women’s HOKA One One Bondi Trainers, Pink, Size AU 8 
Subtitle: New 2019 model, supportive insoles, free postage and returns

Gallery Plus

Draw attention to your listings with Gallery Plus. We’ll enlarge your thumbnail image in search when a buyer moves their mouse over it, and in your listings. 

Gallery Plus offers:

  • Larger pictures (up to 400x400 pixels) - standard size is 96 pixels 
  • A magnifying glass and Enlarge link on your listings 
  • Access to all of your pictures in search results, where you list with multiple images

Best Offer

You can add Best Offer to fixed price or auction-style listings, to invite buyers to negotiate. 

When a buyer makes an offer, you can accept, decline, or make a counter-offer. If a potential buyer contacts you about your item, or is watching your item, you can also send a private, custom offer to them.

Auction + Buy It Now

Give your buyers the option to purchase before your auction-style listing ends, for a set price. A Buy It Now price gives you the chance for a quick sale, for the right amount.

Scheduled Listings

Create listings now and choose a future time to go live. This gives you the flexibility to work ahead, and plan for key retail moments, promotions, and when your buyers are most active.

Reserve Price

Set a reserve price, and sell with the peace of mind that your item won’t be sold for less than the amount you’re willing to sell it for.

List in 2 Categories

Put your item in front of more buyers by listing in 2 relevant categories. For example, you can list a vintage table from Japan in both Asian Antiques and Antiques > Furniture. This is possible in all categories except Motors. 

If you list in two categories, you’ll pay two insertion fees (or pull twice from your Store Allocation), two fees for each optional upgrade you set on your listings, and the higher of the two final value fees.