Listing Types

Fixed Price Listings

  • You set the price, and buyers can purchase immediately with the ‘Buy It Now’ button. 
  • These are best used when you know the exact price you want for an item, or you have many items to sell in a multi-quantity or multi-variation listing.

Auction-Style Listings 

  • Buyers bid on your item, and it goes to the highest bidder when your listing ends. 
  • These are best used when you don’t have a price in mind, and there’s a chance of driving your final selling price higher with competition. This is also a great way to establish market value for items you’re unsure how to price. 
  • Optional Listing Upgrades (for additional fees):
    • Add a Buy It Now price for buyers to skip the bidding and move to a purchase
    • Set a reserve price - the minimum you’re willing to accept for the item. 

Classified Ads

  • You can advertise on eBay with traditional classified ads. You state a price, and the buyer contacts you to handle the transaction personally. No bidding involved.
  • Select Classified Ad in the Choose how you’d like to sell your item section of the standard listing form, to get started. 
  • You can create classified ads in these categories: 
    • Property 
    • Cars, Motorcycles and Vehicles (certain subcategories only) 
    • Business, Office & Industrial (certain sub-categories only) 
    • Holidays and Travel (accommodation subcategories only)

listing types

Listing Durations

Good ‘Til Cancelled

  • Good ‘Til Cancelled listings stay active until all of the items are sold, or you choose to end it.
  • All fixed-price listings must be in Good ‘Til Cancelled listing format. 
  • Your products stay live, so you grow and retain sales history.
  • We’ll renew your listings once a month, and we'll charge a monthly insertion fee (or pull from your Store allowance).
    • If you’ve paid for any listing upgrades, these will be charged monthly as well. 

Short-Duration Listings

  • When you list auctions, you can choose 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 day durations.
  • You can automatically renew your short-duration auction-style listings a maximum of 8 times.
  • We’d suggest you take a minute to optimise listings that haven’t sold before re-listing.

Find out More About Listing Durations and Timings

Choosing Your Listing Format

Which format is right for you, depends on what you’re selling, and what you hope to achieve. We also offer optional listing upgrades, for additional fees. Here’s some guidance around which format to choose: 

Listing Format What it’s Good For What You Should Know
Fixed Price + Good ‘Til Cancelled Automatically renews every month, building sales history. You’ll pay an insertion fee or pull from your Store allowance every month.
Fixed Price + Best Offer Shows buyers you’re open to negotiation on price. Not compatible with multi-variation listings, or some Promotions Manager tools.
Auction-Style Pitching buyers against each other for hot items, to drive up the price. You can only list single items.
Auction-Style + Best Offer Shows you’re willing to negotiate, and buyers can buy early for a good price. When the auction receives a bid, Best Offer drops, and pending offers are declined.
Auction-Style + Buy It Now Eager buyers don’t have to wait for auctions to end. Your item may sell for less than another buyer was willing to pay via auction.