Tips for taking great photos with your phone:

  • Take at least 3 and up to 12 photos, then upload them for free to increase your chance of selling by 3%.
  • Use natural light (not flash) and make sure the light faces the front of the item, not from behind.
  • Use a white background if you can (cardboard and a wall or a sheet does the trick).
  • Capture unique details of new items and defects of pre-loved items.
  • Take photos from all angles.

Stand out with attention grabbing titles and descriptions:

  • Titles that are 60-80 characters are 1.5 times more likely to sell.
  • Include the brand, colour, size, what it’s made of (e.g. silk, fine bone china) and special details like handmade or limited edition.
  • Avoid using super totally awesome hype words.
  • Include all the words a person might use to search for your item (e.g. cup, mug, glass, tea set).
  • Describe the item as if there were no photos
  • Include keywords that buyers would use in search 
  • Be very detailed, and honest – make sure you cover any flaws.

Price your item competitively: 

  • Set a price for your item to attract buyers.
  • You can offer your buyers the option to bid or 'Buy It Now'.
  • Consider the ‘Best Offer’ option if you are flexible on price.
  • Increase your chances of selling faster by also selecting Best Offer in your listing.

We’ll provide pricing recommendations based on similar items that sold on eBay to help improve your changes of selling

Tips and hints to make sending items easy:

  • Use your My eBay account to print your postage labels saving time and money on available Australia Post services.
  • Offer courier pick up, local pick up or choose various drop off locations if you’re not near an Australia post store.
  • Free postage to attracts more buyers, and boosts your search results. 
  • eBay branded satchels and boxes give your products a professional look.

Check out eBay’s postage centre