Listing Formats and Durations

It’s important to choose the correct format for your listings. Find out more about our listing formats, durations, upgrades, and limits for new sellers.

Listing Formats and Durations

Multi-Variation and Multi-Quantity Listings

Optional Listing Upgrades

Seller protection
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Creating the Perfect Listing

Create listings that get your products in front of the right buyers, take professional-quality photos, and make sure your listings are optimised for mobile devices.

Create the Perfect Listing

Mobile Optimise Your Listings

Professional Product Photos Made Easy

Adding Item Specifics

We require the most important item specifics in some categories, to help increase your listings’ visibility in search and connect you with the right buyers.

Sell More with Item Specifics

Set-up PayPal

Product Reviews and the eBay Catalogue

Matching your listings with product reviews and the eBay Catalogue helps us connect the items you’re selling, with buyers who are looking for them.

eBay Integration Partners

We work with a number of third-party integration partners to help manage your listings, stock quantities, and integration with your other sites.

Vehicle Parts Compatibility

We’ve created an optimised experience to sell vehicle parts and accessories, including our comprehensive parts catalogue, parts fitment, and our Master Vehicle List.

Listing with Parts Compatibility

Terapeak Tool

Listing Limits

Selling limits are designed to help you grow your business in a manageable way. We automatically adjust your limits monthly, based on your sales volume and Feedback. 

You can check your limits from the Monthly Limits section in the Overview tab of the Seller Hub. We’ll let you know when you’re getting close to your monthly limit. You can request a limit increase directly from that message, or from the button below. 

Tip: If you have a second, more established seller account, you may be able to raise your limits. If your accounts can be linked, you’ll see that option when you request higher selling limits from our All Selling view in My eBay.

Request a Listing Limit Increase

Category Limits

If you’re new to selling in a particular category, we might limit how much you can sell. This helps you manage inventory more efficiently, and allows you time to understand rules that may apply in that category. We’ll automatically remove most limits once you’ve established a track record. 

Make sure you list items in the correct category. If you’ve reached your monthly limit for one category, you shouldn’t list items in the wrong category, as this violates our search and browse manipulation policy.