Item Specifics

Item Specifics tell buyers what you’re selling and are crucial to your search visibility and sales. The more data you give us about your listings, the better we can match you with buyers in search.

What are Item Specifics?

Item Specifics such as brand, make, model, size, colour and style are key to helping shoppers find your items on eBay. They match with the filters that buyers use to refine their search results so we can match you with the right buyers, at the right time. The more data you give us about what you’re selling, the better we can match your item with buyers in search.

To get the best results from your listings, add as many Item Specifics as you can and be aware of those that are required in your categories.

Item Specifics Requirements

To help you sell, we’re continuing to expand Item Specifics requirements in certain categories. You will only be able to publish your new or revised listings in these categories, once you’ve filled out the required information. We recommend using our selling tools to review and update your existing listings (read more below). We'll continue to notify sellers in affected categories when new requirements are introduced.

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Required vs Recommended Item Specifics

“Required” Item Specifics are considered essential information for buyers shopping for these products. You won't be able to create or revise listings without entering these details.

“Recommended” Item Specifics are based on frequently searched terms. Including recommended Item Specifics will help buyers to find your listings more easily and understand exactly what you're selling.

Why Item Specifics Matter

Adding Item Specifics to your listings is crucial to your visibility and competitive ranking in search results, both on and off eBay. By adding required and recommended item specifics, you’ll benefit from:  

  • Increased Search Visibility: Your listing will only appear in buyers’ filtered search results if you’ve added the matching Item Specifics information to your listing 
  • Improved Search Ranking: Item Specifics move your listings higher in search results, both on eBay and the other search engines we work with like Google Shopping
  • Connecting with the Right Buyers: When you provide Item Specifics, we can better connect you with buyers searching for your products 
  • Inclusion in New Buyer Experiences: By listing with Item Specifics, your listings are included in new buyer experiences on the platform, so we can showcase similar items together, cross-sell and suggest relevant inventory to buyers

Adding Item Specifics When Creating Listings

eBay’s listing forms show you which fields are the most important to fill in and how complete your listing is. Simply enter a keyword-rich title when creating your listing and we’ll populate many of the Item Specifics fields for you.


The lightning bolt meter lets you know how each additional aspect you add will improve your search performance.

Optiseller Tool to Update Item Specifics

We’ve partnered with Optiseller to assist you to cover Item Specifics across all your eBay listings in all categories (not just mandated categories). Optiseller’s  Aspect Finder+ tool is free to use for all your eBay listings until December 31 2020). You can use the AspectFinder+ tool on eBay* to:

  • Automatically review your listings
  • Identify missing and required Item Specifics
  • Find recommended values
  • Easily update your listings (either directly on eBay or through another listing tool)

*Sellers using a third-party provider should first check with their listing provider to see how to best utilise the Optiseller tool via the tool itself or the downloadable file option.

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Update Item Specifics in Seller Hub

Item Specifics Download/Upload Feature

This tool is available on the Seller Hub Active Listings page and allows you to download an Excel file containing all of your active listings that are missing required, soon-to-be required or recommended Item Specifics.

  1. Go to the Active Listings tab in Seller Hub
  2. Click on Download - Missing required or recommended Item Specifics
  3. Choose from the available values in drop-down menus or add your own values. Once complete, save the Excel file in CSV format.  
  4. Note: Excel will give a warning that you can only save the worksheet you are on. Make sure you are viewing the sheet you are trying to save.
  5. On the Active listings tab in Seller Hub, click on Upload - Item Specifics file and upload your saved file

Active Listings tab in Seller Hub

  1. You’ll see a quick filter that shows how many of your active listings are missing required Item Specifics
  2. After you’ve clicked on the task or on the quick filter, you’ll see an Add Item Specifics link next to each listing in the Actions column
  3. A pop-up window will appear which will allow you to add all required and recommended Item Specifics

Bulk Edit

You are also able to update Item Specifics using a bulk flow in Seller Hub Active Listings. You can select the listings you’d like to update and go through them quickly to choose your Item Specifics.


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Find Missing Item Specifics

When you list or revise an item, eBay provides tools to find missing Item Specifics.

  • “Required Soon” Feature: When you list or revise an item, within the listing flow you will see Required soon above Item Specifics that have an upcoming enforcement date. Seller Hub will give you information about upcoming Item Specifics requirements and the dates that will become mandatory for your current listings
  • "Required Soon”Quick Filter: The Required Soon quick filter on the active listings page lets you quickly identify listings needing action to ensure Item Specifics have been added prior to the required date

Item Specifics rankings: This feature gives you guidance on what the most important Item Specifics your buyers are searching for using buyer demand data