Item Specifics

About Item Specifics

Item specifics are descriptive terms including brand, size, type, colour or style. They appear above your item description in a standardised format, giving buyers a clear overview of the product. 

They also match with the filters that buyers use to refine their search results. So if you haven’t included key item specifics, your listings will disappear when a buyer filters their results. 

To get the best results from your listings, add as many item specifics as you can and be aware of those that are required in your categories.

Item Specifics Requirements

To help you succeed, we're expanding item specifics requirements in some categories, including Home & Garden, Food & Drinks and Fashion. 

Keep an eye out as we continue to expand these requirements. 

View Required and Preferred Item Specifics in These Categories

Item Specifics

Why Item Specifics Matter

Adding item specifics to your listings is crucial to your visibility and competitive ranking in search results, both on and off eBay. By adding required and recommended item specifics, you’ll benefit from: 

Increased Search Visibility: Your listing will only appear in buyers’ filtered search results if you’ve added the matching item specific information to your listing.

Improved Search Ranking:  Item specifics move your listings higher in search results, both on eBay and the other search engines we work with, like Google Shopping.

Connecting with the Right Buyers: When you provide item specifics, we can better connect you with buyers searching for your products.

Inclusion in New Buyer Experiences: By listing with Item specifics, your listings are included in new buyer experiences on the platform, so we can showcase similar items together, cross-sell, and suggest relevant inventory to buyers.