We make it easy to keep track of your fees through a monthly invoice that breaks down what you need to pay, and a number of automatic payment methods. 

Your invoice will show:

Understanding Your Invoice

We send your invoice by email, either on the 15th, or the last day of the month, depending on your billing cycle. You can also access invoices from the last 18 months from My eBay > Account.

We divide your invoice into three sections:

Invoice Section


Account Summary 

An overview of new billing activity since your last invoice, and the total amount due. If the total amount due is $1 or more, we’ll charge your automatic payment method.

Announcements and Helpful Links

All information related to your selling activity, including notices, announcements, and links to account information.

Billing Details

Individual payments, refunds, discounts, credits, and new fees that make up the total amount due.

If you sell a large number of items, and would prefer not to see a complete breakdown, you can choose to see a summary HTML format from My eBay > Account> Site Preferences > Seller Billing Preferences.

Setting Up Automatic Payments

To pay your selling fees, issue refunds, and cover the cost of postage labels and any other charges, you’ll need to set up automatic payments. 

We accept a number of payment methods, so you can choose which works best for you. You can change your automatic payment method at any time from My eBay. 

Once you've set up your automatic payment method, we’ll collect whatever you owe automatically within 15 days of you receiving the invoice, so you don’t have to do anything.

Here are the automatic payment methods we accept: 

Automatic Payment Method 

Payment Timeframe (days after receiving your invoice) 


10 days 

Credit or Debit Card 

5-7 days 

Direct Debit 

Same day each month (you choose)

Making a One-Time Payment

If your automatic payment method doesn’t go through, or you want to prevent a payment from being taken, you can make a one-time payment by PayPal, direct debit, credit card, or debit card. We’ll reflect this on your account as soon as the payment goes through. 

To make a one-time payment, go to My eBay > Account > Payment Methods > Seller Fees > One-time Payment, or follow the link on your invoice. 

It’s important to pay fees on time to avoid disruption to your account. Non-payment could result in late fees or account suspension.

Invoices and paying your fees

Reviewing Your Billing Activity

You can review your activity over the past four months from the Seller Account page in My eBay. 

We put together a summary at the top of your Seller Account page which includes:

  • An overview of the credits, payments, refunds, and payment reversals on your most recent invoice. 
  • Your current account balance as of today’s date.
  • Any new account activity not added to your last invoice. 

You can review your account in more detail by clicking any of the links below your account summary. This includes all account activity, fees, credits, payments, and refunds. 

If your current balance is 'Temporarily unavailable', it means we're in the process of creating your next invoice which can take 24-48 hours.

Tips for Viewing Billing Activity: 

  • Click Customise View to look for a specific item number or date range. 
  • Sort information by item number, date, or transaction type using the links at the top of the account activity list. 
  • Download a CSV file with your activity over the last four months.

Late or Unpaid Fees

Until we receive your payment, you won't be able to list any new items. We may still charge any outstanding fees for sales from open listings and subscriptions, so make sure you pay as quickly as possible.  

If you don’t pay your selling fees, we may suspend your account. We’ll send reminders and warnings first, but if you continue not to pay, we reserve the right to refer your account to a debt collection agency. This agency will charge you an additional fee for collecting any unpaid fees, depending on how much you owe.