Protection if a Buyer Doesn’t Pay

When a buyer commits to buy an item, or has the winning bid, they enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item. If they don’t pay straight away, it could just be that they’re inexperienced or having problems with their electronic payment system. Rest assured that, whatever the reason, you’re protected:

  • Our detection methods find high-risk buyers who might be bidding on several similar items at once. If this happens, we’ll take action before the transaction takes place.
  • We identify buyers that haven’t paid so we can automatically remove any negative or neutral Feedback they may leave for you.
  • When we close an unpaid item case where the buyer didn’t pay, we’ll block them from leaving Feedback and take action on their account.

You can use our Unpaid Item Assistant to automate opening and closing unpaid item cases.

Seller Protection Policies

We do our best to prevent issues from happening on eBay in the first place. However, in case something goes wrong, our Seller Protection Policy explains the safeguards we have in place to protect you. 

You can use the Seller Dashboard, Resolution Centre, and Unpaid Item Assistant  to monitor and resolve issues as they arise.

Seller protection
Seller Resolution

Removal of Defects, Feedback, or Late Shipments

When we know you weren’t at fault, we’ll remove these from your account. You can also make an appeal within 90 days of the transaction. 

If your buyer left negative or neutral Feedback because of a transaction problem, and you’ve resolved it, you can send a Feedback revision request. You can also reply to Feedback.

Automatic Protection Against High-Risk Buyers

Our team is on the lookout 24/7 for bad buyer behaviour. And they’re backed by large-scale, automated detection systems across millions of transactions every day. 

We work hard to identify and block buyers who consistently break our buying policies.

We may automatically remove negative or neutral Feedback when:

  • We know that a buyer consistently leaves neutral or negative Feedback that is inconsistent with a seller’s overall performance.
  • We identify a buyer is trying to get an unauthorised refund or avoid paying for a return. 
  • We stop suspended buyers from returning by identifying linked accounts or aliases.

Seller Protection Under eBay Money Back Guarantee

Trust is important, and our Money Back Guarantee means you won’t lose a potential buyer because someone else let them down in the past. 

If you meet certain criteria, we’ll protect you against eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection cases. 

For example, if a buyer reports that they didn't receive an item, you’re protected as long as: 

  • You’ve sent the item within your handling time,
  • Uploaded valid tracking information before we were asked to step in and help, and 
  • Your tracking information shows the item was delivered to the buyer's address.

When a buyer opens a case, you’ll have 3 days to provide a solution. We’ll refund your final value fee if you refund a buyer or resolve the issue within that time. After 3 days, you or your buyer can ask us to step in and help. We’ll close the case when you’ve provided a full or (accepted) partial refund, or after 30 days. The buyer can also close the case at any time. 

When we close an eBay Money Back Guarantee case in your favour, we’ll automatically remove any defects, adjust your late delivery rate, and remove negative or neutral Feedback. 

If your buyer uses PayPal, you’ll also benefit from PayPal Seller Protection. 

Detailed Seller Ratings

We'll automatically award you with 5 stars when: 

  • Postage: You offer free postage, and your buyer chose that option and left Feedback.
  • Communication: 
    • You offer 0-1 day handling, and upload valid tracking within 1 day,
    • You and your buyer haven’t initiated communication (Best Offer, Second Chance Offer, and invoices/ invoice requests don’t count, even if they include messages), 
    • There aren’t any pending eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection cases, and
    • Neither you nor your buyer has requested to share contact information.

Seller ratings
Selling Internationally

International Selling Protection

You can sell internationally without having to worry about falling below standard due to an issue in an overseas market. If you sell on other sites, or offer international postage, each transaction counts for only one of our four regional standards programs, based on the country you send the item to.

Australia is part of the Global seller standards program. If you export to other regions, we’ll protect your global status. Transactions in other regions won’t affect your standing, as long as you remain Above Standard in the Global performance standards program. Just make sure you dispatch items on time, and make things right with the buyer if anything goes wrong.


If you receive a return request you don't agree with, you can ask us to step in and help. Based on the information provided and the buyer's purchase history, we’ll do what we can to resolve the issue.


Reporting a Buyer

If you feel a buyer has violated our rules and policies, let us know. It only takes a minute and will help us monitor buyer activity, which helps protect you as well as the rest of the selling community.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is on hand to help. If you have a question, or a problem that you’re not able to resolve, we’re happy to assist through online chat or phone.