What Are Seller Standards?

We measure each seller monthly, based on: 

  • Transaction defect rate
    • Including cases closed without seller resolution 
  • Late shipment rate

We calculate these ratings as a percentage of your total transactions. You can view your current standard in your Seller Dashboard.

Transaction Defect Rate

Transaction defects happen when:

  • You cancel a transaction because the item is out of stock or you’re otherwise unable to fulfill the order.
  • We’ve closed a case without seller resolution (see below). 

To keep your defect rate low: 

  • Make sure you accurately reflect stock levels, and keep this updated across platforms. 
  • Use our out-of-stock feature to prevent your multi-quantity listings from ending when stock levels reach zero
  • Avoid issues with buyers by responding to open cases before they ask us for help. 
If your defect rate exceeds 2%, you’ll pay a higher final value fee, and we may limit your selling activity or lower your listings in search until your performance improves. If your performance falls too low, we may restrict your selling.
Cases Closed Without Seller Resolution

Cases Closed Without Seller Resolution

We encourage you to work with buyers if something goes wrong. If you haven’t responded to an eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection case, we may need to step in.

If we decide in the buyer’s favour, this will count as a case closed without seller resolution. If we close the case in your favour, or determine no one’s at fault, you won’t receive a defect.

Late Shipment Rate

Shipments are considered late when:

  • Tracking shows the item was delivered after the estimated delivery date and there's no acceptance scan within your handling time, or
  • The buyer confirms that the item was delivered after the estimated delivery date, and you don't have a tracking number or delivery confirmation that shows it was on time.

Avoid late shipments by:

  • Track your shipments and make sure you upload this to My eBay. 
  • Consider using eBay postage labels for discounted postage and automatic tracking. 
  • Correctly state your handling time for accurate estimated delivery dates. 
  • Make sure you select the same postage service as you’ve specified in your listing. 

We’ll let you know if your late shipment rate exceeds 10%, and we may restrict the handling times or postage options you can offer.

Providing Proof Delivery

An acceptance scan

Your carrier will scan the postage label when you drop off the item, or when they pick it up. If that scan happens within your stated handling time, the shipment is considered on time.

Delivery confirmation

If the tracking scan shows the item was delivered by your estimated delivery date, the shipment is considered on time. This is true even if you’ve dispatched your item late.

Buyer confirmation

If you're not using a tracked service, or if we haven't received delivery confirmation, we’ll ask your buyer if the item arrived on time. If they confirm, the shipment is considered on time.

Seller Performance Standards on eBay.com.au All Sellers eBay Top Rated Sellers 
Transaction defect rate 
Maximum percentage of transactions with defects 2% 0.5%
Maximum number of unique buyers affected before seller status is impacted 4 3
Closed cases without seller resolution
Maximum percentage of cases closed by eBay without seller resolution 0.3% 0.3%
Maximum number of cases closed without seller resolution 2 2
Late shipment rate     
Maximum percentage of transactions sent late 10% 5%
Maximum number of transactions sent late 8