Volume Pricing

Increase your basket size, save on postage costs, and set a pricing strategy.

Volume Pricing

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Promotion Manager small image

Promotions Manager

Set order discounts, create sales events, offer coupons, and cross- sell your items.

Promotions Manager

Promoted Listings

Boost your listings to prime placements in search results with Promoted Listings.

Promote Your Listings

Promote your listings
Offers to Buyers

Sending and Receiving Offers

Increase your chances for a sale by accepting Best Offers from buyers, sending Offers to Buyers, or replying to a buyer query with an offer.

Sending and Receiving Offers 

Postage Discounts

Free or reduced postage when you spend a certain amount is an attractive offer to buyers and it could encourage them to spend more with you.

Offering Postage Discounts 

Discounted Postage
Listing on eBay

Selling Manager (Pro)

Use the Selling Manager tools to create bulk listings, track the status of your sales, and automate post-sales tasks like leaving Feedback and printing postage labels.

More About Selling Manager (Pro)