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Selling Policies at a Glance

We have a number of policies that help us make sure eBay remains Australia’s top marketplace. You can browse all of our selling policies in our Help Hub. 

To get started, here’s an overview of some of our most important policies. These policies set the rules for how buyers and sellers interact and trade on eBay:

  • eBay User Agreement and User Privacy Notice: All buyers and sellers are governed by laws and regulations outlined in the eBay User Agreement and User Privacy Notice.
  • Offers to Buy and Sell Outside eBay: By selling with us, you agree to completing transactions on-site. Taking sales off-platform is risky, and violates our policy.
  • Selling Practices:  The basic requirements all sellers need to follow in order to meet our seller performance standards and provide a great customer experience.
  • Duplicate Listings:  Sellers aren’t permitted to have listings for more than one identical item live at the same time
  • Product Safety Guidance for APAC Sellers: Ensure your products comply with the applicable mandatory standards with guidance from government agencies on product safety laws and standards for US, European and Australian sites.
  • Prohibited and Restricted Items: Some items can only be listed under certain conditions, and others we don’t permit on the site at all.
  • Rules about Intellectual Property: Intellectual property owners can report listings as part of eBay’s Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program
  • Listing Policies: Actions that are and aren’t allowed in listings to promote a safe, fair and enjoyable trading experience.
  • Accepted Payments Policy: How you can receive payment when you sell on eBay.

Other important policies for sellers:

  • Shill Bidding: As a seller, you’re not permitted to bid on your own items or have family members, friends, or employees bid on your behalf.
  • Unpaid Item Abuse: – You can’t file for a final value fee credit on a transaction where the buyer paid for the item.
  • Taxes and Import Charges: Learn about your GST and income tax responsibilities selling on eBay, and find out more about import charges.

Violating eBay Policies

We have sophisticated filters in place to detect policy and listing violations. Consequences for violating our policies may range from simple warnings to account suspension. So it’s important to make sure you review, understand and follow all of our policies and rules for sellers.

If you’re not sure how a particular policy works or affects you, you can choose to call or chat with us through the links at the bottom of all of our policy pages. Our Customer Service team will be happy to help you.

Policy Explaining

Reporting a Listing or Policy Violation

If you have a problem selling on eBay, we want to know about it. If sellers don't tell us about problems, we won't be able to prevent an eBay member from doing the same thing again.

To report a listing violation:

Click the Report Item link immediately above the item number in each listing.

To report a buyer:

To report a policy violation:

  • Search for and review the policy page that deals with the violation
  • Click the Report link at the bottom of the page
  • Enter the item number(s) of the listing that you wish to report
  • Click Send to submit your message to eBay Customer Service.
  • We’ll consider the circumstances of the alleged policy violation and the member's trading record before taking action.