About the Program

Our multi-channel outsourced fulfilment solution that we launched with Australia Post, powered by Fulfilio, gives you access to Australia’s lowest prices to pick, pack and deliver your eBay orders. Thousands of sellers have responded to the opportunity to sell more while saving time and money, and improving their delivery performance.

Take your business to the next level from one-click integration to inventory control and order management with real-time tracking from purchase to delivery. 

eBay Selling Fees

Save Money

With access to Australia’s lowest fulfilment rates for eBay orders, Fulfilio has been working towards simplifying their competitive rate structures that are used across all warehousing and delivery services. This new rate structure will take effect from September 1st. With delivery prices as low as $4.18 per order, this is a flexible, scalable solution that grows with your business.

Save Time

Save Time

Leverage Fulfilio’s multi-channel fulfilment solution for all your eBay and non-eBay orders. Benefit from a national network of warehouses to get your inventory closer to your customers with locations across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Participating sellers are seeing a 15% speed improvement on end-to-end fulfilment, and an average of 19% fewer late deliveries.

Sell More

Sell More

Automatic access to our velocity programs, including eBay Plus and eBay Guaranteed Delivery - which can drive 5-7% sales uplift.* Access Australia’s largest delivery network with services like Same Day and Next Day Delivery. Scale your inventory with over 60, 000 square meters of warehousing space. Participate in eBay deals and retail promotions.** Provide the best experience for your customers with tracked services and fast handling time.

Getting Started

Register your interest in the eBay Fulfilment Partner Program and we’ll be in touch to discuss the requirements of your business and whether the eBay Fulfilment program is right for you.

Note: This program currently excludes perishables, temperature controlled products, and dangerous goods (any product requiring a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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Fulfilment Partner
Fulfilment Partner

What sellers have to say

Alex from Carbitz

We've seen a 21% reduction in postage costs, and as the business no longer needs to pay for additional storage space. We are also seeing a 22% saving in storage costs.

Ian from Spares Outlet

A faster and more reliable delivery service with a 15% improvement on delivery times means happier customers an less time chasing up problems. Picking accuracy also means we have seen savings in time and money.

Ying from Shopaholic Mod

We were able to secure some good deals with our supplier for big quantities without worrying about a warehousing solution and are spending less time on difficult to pack orders as well. We are expecting an increase in sales of up to 20% thanks to our ability to increase our stock holding.

Why Partnering with Fulfilio Helps so Many Businesses