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Creating shipping labels on eBay

Every seller, one-off or professional, can save time and money when you buy and print Australia Post labels on eBay. You can print labels directly from My eBay or Seller Hub, saving you from having to line up for stamps at the Post Office. Just print the label, stick it on your parcel and post it. The cost of the postage will simply be charged through your monthly eBay invoice.

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Every eBay seller receives access to the discounted label platform on eBay. All labels printed from this platform contain tracking services, but signatures and insurance are optional. By printing labels on eBay you:

  • Save money with a minimum 10% discount versus retail pricing
  • Save time by:
    • printing our your label at home, with all address information automatically filled out
    • pushing the tracking data automatically entered into eBay, directly visible to your buyer
    • dropping (small) parcels directly off in the nearest Australia Post mailbox
  • Improve your sales' competitiveness by providing sharper origin-to-destination shipping costs to buyers
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Product Name weight packaging Prices (As of 1 October 2018)
eBay Australia Post Flat Rate 500g Satchel eBay Satchel $7.55
eBay Australia Post Flat Rate 3kg Satchel eBay Satchel $12.85
Australia Post Flat Rate BX1 Small Box Max 1kg Australia Post Box $10.25
Australia Post Flat Rate BX2 Small Box Max 3kg Australia Post Box $12.85
Australia Post Flat Rate BX4 Small Box Max 5kg Australia Post Box $15.9
Australia Post Parcel Post Parcel (Nationwide) <500g Own packaging $8.3
Australia Post Parcel Post Parcel (Same state) >500g Own packaging $9.85
Australia Post Parcel Post Parcel (Other state) >500g Own packaging $12.6
Australia Post Express Post Parcel (Nationwide) <500g Own packaging $11.3
Australia Post Express Post Parcel (Same state) >500g Own packaging $13.85
Australia Post Express Post Parcel (Other state) >500g Own packaging $15

The products over 500g for which you want to use your own packaging are calculated based on a fixed base amount plus a cost per kg  (round up the weight to nearest kg) which differs depending on the destination.

The prices per kg are displayed in the following 2 files: Parcel Post and Express Post

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To have the signature of the buyer captured upon delivery (which is advised for highly valuable items) add 2.95 AUD.

Australia Post Packaging

When using eBay or Australia box labels, you need to purchase the packaging at the Post Office or online on eBay at the Australia Post Store.  The price of (bulk) packaging is cheaper when you order online and the delivery of eBay branded packaging is free of charge.

Note that when it comes to Satchels – the eBay branded satchels and Australia Post branded satchels can both be used with the Satchels label.

Own Packaging

If you package the parcel please use sufficiently sturdy cardboard or strong bags.  More hints and tips can be found on the Australia Post page.

You can give your package a more professional look by using eBay branded packaging which you can buy on eBay and delivered to you for free.

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1. When listing an item on eBay

At the option to add Domestic Postage, select the option “Calculate: Cost varies by buyer location”.  Select the service you wish to offer from the dropdown list.  You can select up to 4 possibilities.

2. After your item has sold

Individual sellers / non-store owners via My eBay

  • Go to My ebay to the option Sell > Sold > I need to post x items
  • The blue button on the right hand side takes you directly into the Postage Summary page.

  • Once you selected your service,  click on ‘create label’ to move forwards to a page with a preview of your label.  Your label will open in pdf format too.  
  • You can still cancel your label up to 5 days after creating the label or reprint it with no additional cost.  The tracking information will now be automatically uploaded in eBay and shared with your buyer. 

  • At the bottom of the label, make sure you sign the “Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods Declaration”!
  • Attach your label on your shipment. If it is a box, place the label on the top, do not stick it over of a seam or closure or on top of sealing tape.

Store owners via Seller Hub

  • Store owners can see a full overview of all orders waiting postage at the Seller Hub tab “ORDERS”.
  • Next to the individual order, in the first column, it provides the option “Print postage label”.

  • This takes you to the ‘Create postage label’ page which at the bottom of the page at ‘Parcel and service details’ allows you to select the Service you want. You may have to re-enter the weight & dimensions. 
  • The compare option (shown below) next to the Service option shows all available options with their prices next to it, from which you can select directly too (click Save). Note that all prices including GST already.


Helpful Resources 1
eBay Customer Service

Speak to the eBay team for help with printing Australia Post postage labels on eBay.

Contact eBay Customer Service

Helpful Resources 2
Australia Post support

Contact Australia Post for information about postage products and services.

Contact Australia Post