Set Your Business Policies

Creating policies gives you the flexibility to include different preferences depending on what you’re listing, so you don’t need to specify individual preferences every time you list.

For example, you can set a Free Postage Policy and a Calculated Postage Policy and choose which policy applies to different products.

Have a look at our Retail Standard Practices to learn about policies that will help you rank higher in search, and sell more.

Types of Business Policies

Payment Policies

  • Accepted payment methods
  • PayPal address
  • Additional checkout/ payment instructions

Postage Policies

  • Domestic postage types, services, costs and discounts
  • Domestic rate table option
  • International postage types, services, costs and discounts
  • Handling time
  • Included and excluded post-to locations

Return Policies

  • If you accept returns
  • Time frame (i.e within 30 days)
  • Refund method
  • Who pays return postage

Adding Business Policies to Your Listings

To set your business policies, go to My eBay > Account > Manage Your Business Policies. From this section, you can: 

  • Create and edit policies
  • Copy existing policies to create a variation
  • Set default policies which we’ll apply to new listings 
  • Delete a policy (provided if there are no live listings attached)
  • Reassign listings to a different policy
  • Consolidate your flat rate postage policies
  • Automatically clean up old policies
  • Automatically update listings that include a policy you’ve updated

If you’ve created a listing in the last 90 days, we’ll have set policies for you based on your preferences. You can edit or remove these to create custom policies.

Business Policies

Tips for Setting Your Business Policies

  • Give your business the best chance for success by setting your policies in line with our Retail Standard Practices.
  • Set default policies for the preferences you’ll use most often.
  • Regularly review and consolidate policies to keep listing quick and easy.
  • Choose recognisable names so you can easily find the right policy when listing, for example, ‘Payments – Homeware’ or ‘Returns – New electronics.’
  • Make sure your policies comply with obligations under Australian Consumer Law.