We’ve Adjusted International Delivery Estimates 


    We are aware that there are delays to international deliveries during this time, which vary by destination country. With this in mind, we have extended the maximum delivery estimate on international postage services by:

    • +2 days for courier services from Australia 
    • Up to 15 for express services from Australia 
    • Up to 50 days for standard services from Australia 
    • +7 days for all services from New Zealand 

    These extensions are in line with Australia & New Zealand Post’s international delivery estimates. This should help you manage your buyers’ expectations and safely fulfil your international orders.

    If you use Australia Post, it's important to note that they have suspended their International Economy Air service, so please choose another service for your international deliveries at this time. Express services into Canada are also suspended so please consider using standard postage for any orders being delivered to Canada.

    We encourage you to stay up to date with any changes to your carrier’s postage services. 

    See the latest updates from postage carriers: 

    Australia Post    Sendle   Fastway  Courier Please

    We’re Temporarily Disabling eBay Guaranteed Delivery

    To give eBay sellers and carriers more time to safely fulfil and deliver orders, we’re temporarily disabling eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD).

      This means eBay Guaranteed Delivery badges will be temporarily hidden. The search filter will still be present, but won’t return any results if used. Instead of a guaranteed delivery date, your listings will show delivery estimates based on your handling time and choice of carrier. This means:

      • You won't be able to add or update delivery times on your postage rate tables
      • Buyers will still be able to report a late delivery and claim a refund or return on any previous eBay Guaranteed Delivery orders
      • Once we’re confident eBay sellers and their carriers can meet their eGD delivery promises, we’ll re-enable it onsite.

      We're Giving you More Time to Manage Your Returns 

      With new mandates from the government about quarantine and social distancing, sellers and buyers are facing challenges when managing returns. We’re therefore allowing more time for returns to reach you, and for you to inspect the returned item and provide a refund.

      We’re Giving Buyers More Time to Return Items

      Once a buyer receives a return label or a buyer-paid return is accepted, they’ll have 21 business days instead of only 5 business days to post the return. If the item is stuck in transit, we’ll allow an additional 10 days for the return to reach you. This 10-day hold is also applied for items you send to buyers. 

      This applies to all returns lodged for eBay orders opened on or after 26 March until further notice. 

      We’re Giving you More Time to Provide Refunds

      Sellers now have 5 business days instead of 3 business days  to provide a buyer with a refund, from when they receive the returned item. This applies to all returns opened on or after 31 March 2020. 

      What This Means for you

      There is no change to the way you handle returns. You may simply need to wait longer for returned items to arrive. You’ll still be able to appeal all returns as per our existing policy if the return doesn't arrive or is sent back damaged.

      Read more about Managing Your Returns

      More About Automating Returns

      Carriers are Changing how They Deliver Your Items 

      We wanted to let you know that we’re protecting you from Item Not Received claims where there is a delivery scan, no matter the item’s value. We recommend you stop using Signature on Delivery for your items to help alleviate operational challenges carriers are facing at this time.

      As you may know, postage carriers are changing how they deliver your parcels to protect the health and safety of buyers and sellers:

      1. Australia Post no longer requires a Signature on Delivery for a parcel delivery or collection. Whether at a Post Office or residence, an Australia Post staff member will ask for and record the customer’s name and sign on their behalf. 
      2. Other Postage Carriers (i.e. Sendle, Fastway and Couriers Please) are temporarily moving away from a written Signature on Delivery and automatically granting Authority to Leave.


      See the latest updates from postage carriers: 

      Australia Post    Sendle   Fastway  Courier Please 

      What you can do

       As mentioned above, carriers are not offering Signature on Delivery at this time and are instead defaulting to Authority to Leave. We recommend you don’t select Signature on Delivery when purchasing postage for your items and encourage you to instead offer Authority to Leave to your buyers. This will make it easier for buyers to receive their items.  

      Ensure you’re also using a  tracked postage service that provides detailed tracking information to eBay. This means buyers will receive regular delivery updates and you’ll be protected in ‘Item Not Received’ Claims. 

      If you’re not able to fulfill future orders at any time, please let potential buyers know by putting your store in holiday mode.

      Disruptions to Your Postage and Stock

      Changes to your supply chains and postage services may cause inventory problems for sellers and/or delivery delays. This can lead to buyers filing 'item not received' requests or leaving negative Feedback.

       We encourage you to work closely with your buyers on the status of their order. You should:

      • Resolve any dispute resolution issues as you normally would 
      • Provide refunds to customers if you are unable to send items in a timely manner
      • If you don't have sufficient stock or your deliveries are being consistently delayed:

      How We're Protecting you

      For items valued over $750

      Our eBay Money Back Guarantee (eMBG) Policy does not require a Signature on Delivery for items valued under $750. It is only a requirement for items valued over $750, however we understand that at this time, obtaining a signature may not be possible. Therefore, we're protecting sellers in cases where a Signature on Delivery was not obtained and: 

      • The buyer claims ‘Item not Received’ under eMBG 
      • All other criteria for a successful on-time delivery are fulfilled

      If your postage and stock has been affected 

      Where we become aware of significant delays to postal services, we may take action to protect sellers sending items to or from that region. This could include:

      • Working with buyers so they know these items may take longer to arrive 
      • Adjusting estimated delivery dates to help protect you from ‘item not received' claims
      • Protecting you by: 
        • Adjusting late shipment rates
        • Removing seller cancellation defects, negative or neutral Feedback and opened cases in service metrics

      Learn More About Your Increased Seller Protections at This Time