Product Safety Reminder - Bidets

There has been an increase in the purchase of plumbing products such as toilet seat bidets, handheld bidet sprays and trigger sprays. The ACCC has released advice reminding sellers and consumers of installation requirements for these items. DIY installation of plumbing and drainage work (including bidet products) puts the health and safety of our community at risk, and it’s also illegal.

When making a listing, the ACCC is reminding sellers that they must:

  • Ensure bidet products supplied in the Australian market are safe and fit for purpose;
  • Comply with the consumer guarantee regime, ensuring that the goods are of acceptable quality, safe, durable and with no faults; and
  • Not making false or misleading claims about these products being suitable for DIY installations or installations from non-plumbers or unlicensed plumbers.

Read More on the ACCCs Product Safety website

New Government Restrictions on the Sale of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Under a new Determination by the Federal Minister for Health, there are now restrictions on the sale of certain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (disposable face masks; disposable gloves; disposable gowns; goggles, glasses or eye visors; alcohol wipes; and hand sanitiser) in Australia. 

These restrictions apply to all eBay sellers who list or are approved to list the items above.

The changes make it an offence to re-sell PPE purchased at retail for more than 120% of its purchase price. The Determination applies to the resale of items purchased since 30 Jan 2020. 

In addition, the Government has introduced restrictions banning these items from export.

Failure to adhere to these requirements can lead to penalties including fines or jail. If you're selling any type of PPE on eBay, we encourage you to review the above determination and familiarise yourself with eBay’s policies and restrictions prior to listing. 

We’ve already implemented a range of restrictions on the sale of items on eBay. Read below to find out more. 

A Reminder of our Listing Policies

Maintaining a safe marketplace is of utmost importance to us. We'd like to remind you of some of our rules for listings.

Health claims and misuse of keywords: Listings containing health claims and misusing terms such as "Coronavirus", "COVID-19", "virus" or "epidemic" are prohibited. 

Prices inflated above market value: Listings that attempt to profit from tragedies and disasters (such as the Coronavirus outbreak) are prohibited.

Laws and regulations: We recognise this is an evolving situation. We advise sellers to always check local laws and regulations when listing. We will continue to monitor the situation globally and provide further updates as necessary.

Activity that doesn't follow eBay listing policies could result in a range of actions, such as eBay ending or cancelling your relevant listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering your seller rating, enforcing buying or selling restrictions, or suspending your account.

To learn more about the policies and make sure your listings are compliant, we invite you to read our three most relevant policies on this topic: 

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs policy  Disaster and tragedy policy  Search manipulation policy

Item Restrictions

In addition to the measures above, we have also restricted listing of items in some categories to eligible business sellers only to ensure our marketplace remains safe for buyers and sellers. See a summary of these changes below.

Only sellers approved by eBay can sell: 

  • Masks
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Toilet paper 

Only Eligible Business Sellers will be Able to Sell:

  • Baby formula/milk
  • Diapers/nappies
  • Tampons
  • Baby wipes

Sellers that are not approved or eligible for listing the above items, will find their listings blocked or removed. Further attempts to list these items may result in account suspension.

If you have stock of the above items and want to list them on the platform, email us at with your store name and details about how your items are sourced. Keep in mind that approval to list is at eBay’s absolute discretion and your account standing will be one of the factors considered by eBay in making its determination. You will be notified of the outcome by email.

If you are approved, you will still be required to comply with all of eBay’s standard policies and procedures, including those specified on this page.

Additional requirements for listing these items:

As always, listings will need to be in compliance with our policies.

  1. Pricing: item price should be the same now as before the outbreak. See our price-gouging policy for more information. 
  2. Domestic items with domestic postage only
  3. Fixed Price listings only – no auctions
  4. Item Title & Description must be appropriate and item must be listed in the correct category

As government regulations and people’s needs are changing on a daily basis, we will continue to monitor other categories. Additional restrictions may be announced in the near future.