Last Updated 15 October 2020

Recent Developments in Victoria

Restrictions implemented in Victoria may affect your eBay business. We implemented measures to protect you whether you are a seller based in Victoria or you are shipping an item to a buyer in Victoria. These protections apply to transactions from 22 July 2020 up until 30 November 2020.

Listing Policies & Item Restrictions

Maintaining a safe marketplace is of utmost importance to us. We'd like to remind you of some of our rules for listings. We have also restricted listing of items in some categories to eligible business sellers to ensure our marketplace remains fair for buyers and sellers. We’ll update this page as these restrictions change. 

Changes to eBay Seller Customer Support

We’re no longer offering customer service over the phone, as our team works from home but are still offering our usual online chat function. Unfortunately this means our wait times via chat may be a bit longer than usual. 

If you do have an issue, we encourage you to search our Help pages for information first. Monitor our announcements in the eBay Community for further updates. We also recently launched a self-service customer support tool called Seller Help, which you can access from the Help Hub.

Managing Your Stock, Postage and Returns

With new mandates from the government about quarantine and social distancing, sellers, buyers and carriers are facing challenges when sending and receiving orders. We’ve therefore adjusted international delivery estimates and temporarily disabled eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

Government Support

Governments at both the state and federal level have announced a number of measures to help ensure businesses are supported during this difficult time. Whether you’re a sole trader, you employ staff or you own a company, there are options available to you.

Changes to the Out-of-Stock Duration

The Out-of-Stock option allows your bulk, fixed price listings to be hidden from search results when the quantity is zero. As soon as you increase the quantity again, the listing will reappear in searches. Previously, listings that had been Out-of-Stock for 90 consecutive days were automatically ended.

To help you retain your sales history for longer, we’ll now keep your Out-of-Stock listings active for 180 consecutive days before ending them automatically. 

Learn More About Using the Out-of-Stock Function

If your listings have been Out-of-Stock

If listings have been out of stock for an extended period of time, you may want to use other eBay tools and features to help kick-start sales when you restock. This might include:

  • Providing recommended item specifics
  • Using negotiation tools such as Best Offer or Offers to buyers
  • Volume Discounts 
  • Promoted Listings 

Read More About our Growth Tools 

Keep an eye on eBay announcements for the latest updates.

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