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Outbax Camping Case Study - eBay

An eBay seller for 4 years, Fong Wei, Managing Director of Outbax Camping has always tried new tools to help scale and grow his business.

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We Hear From Fong Wei From Outbax Camping



An eBay seller for 4 years, Fong Wei, Managing Director of Outbax Camping has always tried new tools to help scale and grow his business.

When eBay launched its unique cost per sale advertising tool Promoted Listings in 2016, he jumped at the opportunity to use a tool that only asked him to pay for advertising when an item successfully sold. 

‘Unlike other marketing methods that require you to pay money and hope for results, promoted listings only requires you to pay a small amount when your items sells – you have nothing to lose.
‘We saw an immediate and significant lift of 10% when we tried Promoted Listings and are now frequent users of the tool,’ he says.
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‘eBay has always been popular in Australia and it is the first place Aussies go to when they think of selling online’ - Fong Wei.


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Fong shared with us how he used eBay tools such as Promoted Listings to grow his business. 
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  1. How has the eBay platform helped you grow your business? Mainly from a marketing point of view. For any business whether that be product or service based, you need people to know about your business and what you offer. So marketing is key for exposure in the Australian market and is vital if you want to stay competitive in today’s market. We also tried running our website, the marketing costs were very high, to maintain and even till now eBay is still the easiest place. Most sales occur through eBay compared to the website. With your own website you need to generate traffic and fix technical issues, which you don’t have to worry about with eBay.
  2. Have you tried Promoted Listings? We love promoted listings. Every time eBay release a new tool, we like to try it as soon as we can. As soon as we saw this tool we thought lets try it, and straight away we saw results. Unlike other marketing methods that require you to pay money upfront and hope for the results, with Promoted Listings, you don’t pay until your item sells. So you really have nothing to lose. It was very easy to learn compared to other marketing methods which require you to do some background research and decide how much to pay to optimise. With Promoted Listings you just simply choose your products and assign a percentage depending on your margin. If you are receiving 20% margin, you don’t mind assigning 2% or 3%. The eBay guidance rate helps because we can test it and then wait for results.
  3. Are you having any success with the tool? We applied Promoted Listings to almost all of our listings, the ones that we had assigned saw immediate results. Our sales lifted by 10%. Some businesses are willing to spend money to get more exposure to their market, if it is a good quality product eBay can give you the final push that you need to make a sale. It’s great for people like us who are serious sellers and looking to make money. 
  4. How do you pick what to promote? Promotes Listings helps us move seasonal or excess stock. Some products we would like to set up branding for so we don’t mind paying a small price to get that exposure. It all works out, because you pay a small price for your item to sell. 
  5. Have you used the bulk upload method yet? I have and it’s my preferred upload method. If we uploaded and set them up one-by-one it would be time consuming. Also when we are making changes, it saves a lot of time. It was very simple to learn, compared to other advertising tools, you only need to know what items you’d like to promote and their assigned percentage you’d like to assign. You don’t need a background in marketing - simple decisions and great return.
  6. Do you use Seller Hub? How do you find the traffic and performance insights you can find in Seller Hub? We get the most important information from the Seller Hub. The impressions for each listing over a certain period, click through rates for each listing so we know the conversion rates and how many people are actually buying our items. We can easily trace back and diagnose where the source of an issue may lie. If it is an impression issue, then we use Promoted Listings to sort out that issue. Conversion, click through we have a different strategy for each situation. Instead of blindly guessing where the issue lies, we can pinpoint the source.
  7. What tips or advice would you give anyone wanting to get started selling on eBay? Firstly, congratulations you have chosen a great platform to sell on. Second, you have to focus on the products, pick the right ones, know them well, and get the best quality, best features and price for your customers. eBay gives you a lot, marketing Promoted Listings quickly grow your business. There’s a great support system, very strong, we can search in the seller centre, email or chat for customer service. They usually respond within 24hrs. Don’t be afraid to give it a go!
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