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Know when and how you may be eligible for a fee credit

Insertion fees are normally non-refundable, but there are some situations when you can qualify for a fee credit.

You can also request a credit for your final value fee if a sale doesn't go through.

Insertion fee credits for relisted items

You can relist an item and offer it for sale again because:

If you relist the item manually and it sells during the relisted listing period, we'll automatically credit your account for the insertion fee for the relisted listing period.

Read through the insertion fee credit requirements to be sure your item is eligible.

Final value fee credits for uncompleted transactions

You can request a final value fee credit when:

To be eligible to receive a final value fee credit, you must open a case in the Resolution Centre (or respond to the buyer's case, if they're reporting a problem).

If you qualify for a final value fee credit, it will be credited to your seller account 7-10 days after you close the case.

Tip: Don't leave a case open longer than you need to in the Resolution Centre – cases are closed automatically a certain number of days after the transaction, and you won't get a credit.

Learn more about the processes and timeframes for requesting a final value fee credit.

Requesting a refund

 If you qualify for a fee credit, we'll apply it to your account automatically and you'll be able to see it as a credit on your statement. You can view your recent account activity in My eBay.

You can either leave this credit in your account and we'll use it toward your future fees, or you can request a refund. You can't use credits to buy items on eBay.