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eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Provide fast, accurate, and reliable delivery and you could see an increase in your sales potential and customer satisfaction.

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What is eBay Guaranteed Delivery?

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As buyers’ expectations are continuously evolving, providing fast, accurate and reliable delivery now represents the norm in online retail.

The program guarantees delivery of an item within 4 days or less. By simply offering fast delivery,  you could see an increase in your sales potential and customer satisfaction. In fact, studies have shown that Australian shoppers are 45% more likely to purchase if they know the item will arrive in 2-3 days*.

Offering guaranteed delivery timeframes can also provide you with greater visibility and prominence in search results. Items that can be delivered in three days or less are highlighted through an exclusive eBay Guaranteed Delivery toggle. Buyers also have the option to filter their search results to only display items that can be delivered in four days or less.

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Did you know?

More than 80,000 searches are done per week on using the 3 day Guaranteed Delivery search toggle!

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Please note: The eBay Guaranteed Delivery video above features the Door-to-Door program only.

*Paypal mCommerce Index Trends Report 2017

How Does it Work?

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Within the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program, there are two options:

  1. The Door-to-Door program
  2. The Handling Time program

The Door-to-Door program:

You can select the regions you wish to guarantee (for example Sydney-Melbourne, but not Sydney-Perth), and select the items you want to make eligible. This guarantee is based on your confidence that your carrier can deliver to specified regions within the eBay Guaranteed Delivery timeframes. The onus will be on you to be able to meet the specified timeframes and delivery speeds.

The Handling Time program*:

You guarantee to send items within your stated handling time (0-1 days). Then, based on selected carrier information (currently Australia Post delivery times), eBay calculates how long the delivery will take to the buyer’s location. These time-frames combined will be the guaranteed delivery time-frame shown to buyers. The onus will be on you to be able to meet your stated handling times.

*Currently the Handling Time program is only available to selected sellers.

If you’re eligible for the eGD Handling Time program, you’ll be automatically opted in. While in the program, you'll be protected from any fees incurred as a result of late deliveries, and your seller standards will be protected as part of our Seller Protection policy. If you wish to opt out of the eGD Handling time program, you can do so at any time through your site preferences.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of both programs:

  Handling Time program Door-to-Door program
Seller requirements
  • Above Standard or eBay Top Rated Seller (eTRS)
  • Above Standard or eBay Top Rated Seller (eTRS)
Listing requirements
  • Item located and sent in Australia
  • Fixed price listing
  • 0-1 day handling time
  • Uses eligible carrier service (currently Australia Post service)
  • Item located and sent in Australia
  • Fixed price listing
  • Uses postage rate table with delivery speeds specified
Performance requirements
  • At least 95% of eGD items posted within guaranteed timeframe on time
  • Tracking uploaded on at least 95% of eGD items
  • At least 95% of eGD items posted within guaranteed timeframe on time
  • Tracking uploaded on at least 95% of eGD items
  • Simpler option; you need to calculate and meet just have to meet your handling time
  • eBay calculates delivery times on your behalf based on certain carrier information.
  • You have more control over your delivery times by region (e.g. ensuring your listings appear in a 1- or 2-day search filter)
  • Use any carrier
  • Select which items you wish to make eligible
  • Currently only available for listings using Australia Post services
  • Currently only available to buyers in certain regions.
  • More set-up required (to define postage rate tables)
  • You need to monitor and potentially optimise your delivery performance closely.
Seller protection
  • eBay is protecting all sellers whose deliveries arrive late.


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How Do You Benefit?

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Increased Sales

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eBay Guaranteed Delivery can lift your sales by 5-7%*.
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Higher Transaction Volume

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eBay Guaranteed Delivery can boost your transaction volume by 5-7%**.
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Greater Visibility in Search

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More than 80,000 searches are done per week using the eBay Guaranteed Delivery 3 day toggle***.
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*Based on average sales uplift of 1441 eBay Guaranteed Delivery vs. non-eBay Guaranteed Delivery sellers; May – Aug 2018
**Based on average transaction volume uplift of 1441 eBay Guaranteed Delivery vs. non-eBay Guaranteed Delivery sellers; May – Aug 2018
***Based on over 80,000 average weekly searches on using the 3 day eBay Guaranteed Delivery toggle; May – Sept 2018

Offering eBay Guaranteed Delivery

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Door-to-Door Program:

If you'd like to offer eBay Guaranteed Delivery, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Check you meet the requirements, including:
    • Above Standards or eBay Top Rated seller
  2. Opt-in to eBay Guaranteed Delivery
  3. Use our updated postage rate tables. Postage rate tables are a key requirement to be a part of the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program. You can also set your handling cut-offs times if you wish, giving you more control, and more accurate delivery timeframes to buyers.
  4. Associate the listings you want to guarantee with your postage rate tables. This can be done:
    • At a listing level
    • Using Bulk Editor
    • Using Business Policies (if you have them)

Once you’ve completed all the required steps listed above, you’ll need to ensure you're continually meeting eBay Guaranteed Delivery’s performance requirements:

  • 95%+ on-time delivery
  • 95%+ tracking number upload

For your small items, you can use Australia Post’s domestic letter with tracking service which is a cost-effective postage option that includes domestic delivery, tracking, and scanning on delivery. Find out how the domestic letter with tracking can help with eBay Guaranteed Delivery and increase buyers’ confidence when shopping with you.

If you’re using an integration partner, please make sure you check that the updates to your postage rate tables and/or business policies are transferred from your account. For a guide on how to create and manage listings for eBay Guaranteed Delivery using eBay APIs, please download our API Integration Playbook for eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

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Handling Time Program:

If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will automatically switch eGD on for your account, which will mean that your eligible listings will show guaranteed delivery dates to buyers. Currently available for selected sellers only.

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Postage Rate Tables

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Postage rate tables allow you to specify variable postage costs for up to 100 different regions across Australia. The tables allow buyers to easily understand the total cost to purchase your item and have it sent directly to them. It'll even save you time by reducing the number of buyer questions about postage costs.

To make it easier for you, we've created sample eBay Guaranteed Delivery postage rate tables for you to use. The sample rate tables are determined based on origin locations of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. To download, simply click on your relevant region to access your own spreadsheet.

Please note:

  • The speeds times are based on Australia Post's Standard and Express services
  • The sample tables assume sellers have same-day handling. If you have handling time of +1 days, you will need to add to the speed columns.
  • The same tables assume a 2pm cut-off time for Australia Post's parcel pick up service.
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Setting up Postage Rate Tables

Not sure where to begin? Check out our short video on how to set up the new postage rate tables.

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About eBay Guaranteed Delivery

About the Handling Time Program

About the Door-to-Door Program



Terms & Conditions

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To view, please download the eBay Guaranteed Delivery Seller Terms & Conditions.

Effective date: 1 April 2019

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