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Promoted Listings Lite

Boost your listings visibility by 30%.* Now eligible for sellers using the quick listing tool.**

Topics we'll cover

What is Promoted Listings Lite?

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Promoted Listings Lite is a smart way to get your listings noticed on eBay.
This program makes your listing stand out from the crowd with higher placements in search, so more buyers can find your item faster.
Getting started is easy, and you only pay when a shopper clicks on your promoted listing and buys your item.
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Benefits for Sellers

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Reach More Buyers

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Promoted Listings Lite helps your listing stand out, making it easier for the right buyer to find it.
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Improve Chances of a Sale

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With a more prominent listing, you have an increased chance of closing your sale. 
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Pay When Your Item Sells

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You are not charged unless a buyer clicks on the listing and purchases your item in 30 days. 
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How It Works

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Promoted Listing FAQs


Footnote 1: *Based on data from May through June, 2016 on Measured on 40,000 listings that had sales before they were promoted and had promoted listing sales after they were promoted. 

Footnote 2: ** Only listings created or revised through Quick Listing Tool are eligible. Sellers can promote fixed-price listings in all categories except Motors, Real Estate & Travel. Listings must be priced around price guidance. Auction and Auction Buy It Now listings are not eligible at this time. Not applicable to below standard sellers.