We send a monthly Business Performance Report to all business sellers and eBay Store subscribers. Your report is filled with insights and analytics unique to your business, such as: 

Month-on-month performance metrics 
Market data around the performance of similar sellers in your categories
Underperforming listings and recommendations for improvement
Actionable insights to help your business grow

Item Specifics

Understanding Your Report

We structure your Business Performance Report in four sections, so insights are easy to understand and implement:  

General Overview

Key sales metrics related to your GMV and sold items, organised by category.

Performance Metrics

How your listings are performing v. the market, based on factors like impressions and conversion.

Influential Factors

Detailed information around factors influencing the competitiveness of your listings, like item specifics, title length, and clean images.

Recommended Actions and Next Steps

Suggestions and recommendations to optimise your listings and improve your performance.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Send Us Your Feedback 

We're always here to help you reach your full potential on eBay. If you have questions or would like to provide feedback, please reach out to our Performance Report support team.


Wondering what something in your report means? Here’s a glossary of terms you’ll find in your Business Performance Report. 

  • Percentage of Eligible Listings Linked 

    • Total listings eligible for eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD), measured against your total eGD-eligible listings that are linked to a rate table.

  • Average Title Characters

    • The average number of characters in your listing titles. Your titles are the number one thing buyers look for, and influence your ranking in search results. 

  • Click-through rate (CTR)

    • The ratio of buyers who clicked on your listing to the number of total buyers who viewed your listing.

  • Conversion rate

    • How often your listings convert to a sale after a buyer clicks.

  • eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD)

    • How many of your listings offer guaranteed delivery of an item if 4 days or less. 

  • eBay Guaranteed Delivery Whitelisted Status

    • If you’re whitelisted, that means you’re eligible for eBay Guaranteed Delivery, but haven’t yet opted in. 

  • GMV (Sales)

    • Your sales by vertical for the past three months. You can also see your year-on-year change of total GMV for same month last year.

  • Handing time

    • The average processing time you offer, from order confirmation to shipping, in days.

  • Impressions and Click - Related Metrics

    • Metrics that drive visibility (impressions) and engagement (click-through rate) of your listings.

  • Impression per Live Listing (LL)

    • The average number of views for your listings in search results.

  • Live Listings with a Sale Since Listing

    • Share of your listings that have had at least one sale since being listed. 

  • Live Listings with EAN/MPN

    • Share of listings that include the European Article Number (EAN) and/or Manufacturer part number (MPN) product code.

  • Live Listings with an Extended Return Right

    • The total number of your listings where you accept at least 30-day returns. 

  • Live Listings with Free Returns

    • The total number of your listings where you offer free returns. 

  • Live Listings with Free Shipping

    • The total number of your listings where you offer free shipping.

  • Live Listings with Multi-Quantity

    • Share of listings with the option to order multiple items.

  • Live Listings with Subtitles

    • How many of your listings include an optional subtitle. 

  • Mobile Share of GMV

    • The share of your GMV from transactions completed on a mobile device.

  • Mobile Share of Sold Items

    • The share of sold items that came from mobile devices.

  • Number of eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD) eligible listings

    • Your total number of listings eligible for eBay Guaranteed Delivery, that are connected to an active rate table.

  • Number of Images per Live Listing

    • Your average number of pictures per live listing. 

  • Number of Listings Linked to a Rate Table

    • Your total listings that are connected to an active rate table 

  • Number of Listings Updated with Speed

    • The total number of your listings eligible for eBay Guaranteed Delivery, linked to a rate table with delivery speeds.

  • Number of Live Listings

    • Your total number of Live Listings.

  • Passive Cross Border Trade (CBT) - Share of GMV

    • Your share of GMV generated from international buyers on eBay. 

  • Rate Tables

    • Where you’ve set up rate tables, to apply specific delivery rates and speeds by region.

  • Sales Funnel Metrics

    • Your performance indicators, by stage of the sales funnel. This helps you identify your biggest potentials to improve visibility (impressions), engagement (click-through rate), conversion, and your seller standard

  • Share of Live Listings Available for International Shipping

    • Your share of listings that offer an international shipping option.

  • Shipping Cost

    • Your average cost for shipping, where you choose to charge. 

  • SKU Variations per Live Listing

    • The share of your listings with product variants (e.g., multiple colours). 

  • Sold Items

    • The number of items you’ve sold in each vertical, for the past three months. You can also see the average selling price for each of the three months.

  • Sold Items per Live Listing (LL)

    • The average number of sold items per live listing.

  • Top-Line Metrics

    • Indicators of your overall performance and contribution by vertical.