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Turbo Lister

We're retiring Turbo Lister in February 2019. Check out our alternatives and what you'll need to do next.

Topics we'll cover

Retiring Turbo Lister

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With Turbo Lister being phased out completely in February 2019, now is the time to discover alternative tools that can help you run your business more effectively on eBay.

To help you prepare for the change, we've put together some useful information on alternatives you can start using right away.

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Alternatives to Turbo Lister

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Seller Hub

We recommend using Seller Hub to manage your business on eBay, including creating, updating and managing your listings.

Seller Hub already includes a number of features previously supported by Turbo Lister, including:

  • Bulk upload your listings from File Exchange
  • Revise and delete listings
  • Create listing templates
  • Schedule listing time.
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How to Export Ended Listings

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Follow these steps to export ended listing from Turbo Lister:

  1. Go to Ended Listings under Listing Activity.
  2. Click within the main listings window and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A to select all listings.
  3. Go to the main menu and select File > Export Selected Items.
  4. Select the format in which you would like to export your listings.
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  • You will not be able to export pictures and multi-variations from ended listings that ended more than 90 days previously.
  • If you are exporting listings to use with plentymarkets, make sure you select the Turbo Lister Format (CSV file) option when exporting your listings.
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