Welcome to our First Seller Update for 2020

At eBay, we’re passionate about empowering you to grow and succeed. We’re continuing to enhance our platform and launch powerful selling tools to help you deliver an outstanding experience. 

Browse the topics below to find the knowledge you need to start the year strong.

Summer Seller Update

Explore This Summer's Updates


Evolving eBay Plus

From 1 April, you will need to meet both new and existing eBay Plus criteria for your listings to gain or retain the eBay Plus badge.


Postage & Tracking Updates

See how we’re helping you provide accurate tracking to buyers and giving you more choice for cheap, convenient postage with our special carrier rates.


Multi-User Account Access

Try our new Multi-User Account Access feature where you can enable your employees or delegates to perform selling activities in a more secure way. 

Mobile Optimisation

New Image Clean-Up Tool

Try our new selling tool that removes the background of your listing photo and replaces it with a white background, optimising listings for SEO. 

Premium Promoted Listings

Terapeak Enhancements in Seller Hub

We’re adding more features to Terapeak in Seller Hub to provide you with additional insights into your business and the market.

PL Updates

Updates to Your Seller Protections

We’re changing how we protect sellers for ‘item not received’ claims filed through eBay Money Back Guarantee.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Managing Your Return Requests

We’re changing how we manage and mediate returns requests between the buyer and the seller. 

Internet Merchant Account

Optimising Your Listings

We’re launching a new feature to help you identify missing item specifics, and improving our category structure.

eBay Managed Payments

Managed payments will continue to expand to more markets later this year and the majority of sellers in all markets will be on managed payments in 2021. We’ll share more details in the coming months, so make sure you are signed up for eBay business marketing.

Coronavirus and Disruptions to Postage and Stock

The recent spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus may have affected those with inventory located in China and Hong Kong or sellers posting items to buyers in these countries. We understand unexpected events which are outside of your control can affect deliveries and lead to buyers filing ‘item not received’ requests or leaving negative Feedback.

How We’re Supporting you

We’re protecting those who may have been affected. If your items are located in China and Hong Kong or you're selling to buyers located there, we’re: 

  • Working with buyers so they know these items may take longer to arrive 
  • Adjusting estimated delivery dates to help protect you from ‘item not received’ claims
  • Protecting you by: 
    • Adjusting late shipment rates
    • Removing seller cancellation defects, negative or neutral Feedback and opened cases in service metrics

If Your Business has Been Affected 

If your stock or deliveries have been affected we encourage you to work closely with your buyers on the status of their order. You should:

  • Resolve any dispute resolution issues as you normally would 
  • Provide refunds to customers if you are unable to send items in a timely manner
  • If you don’t have sufficient stock or your deliveries are being consistently delayed:
    • Update your listing quantities to accurately reflect your stock on hand and activate the out-of-stock feature; and/or 
    • Put your eBay Store in holiday mode

    We’ll continue to protect affected sellers in line with our  seller protections.

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    Summer Seller Update

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