Key Dates

30 October 2019: Updates to our eBay Money Back Guarantee policy take effect.

What’s Changing

To better protect you, we’re making some changes to how we apply eBay Money Back Guarantee. Make sure you’re aware of these updates and adjust your processes as needed. 

  • Send items only to the address specified by the buyer at checkout.

Going forward, we’ll only be able to protect you from any ‘Item Not Received’ (INR) cases if you’ve posted the item to the address the buyer’s provided at checkout. That means if the buyer asks you to send the order to a different address after completing checkout, you can still do so, but you won’t be protected if the buyer opens an eBay Money Back Guarantee claim.

We’re not changing any other INR requirements, like proof of or signature on delivery.

  • Provide a return label or solution in 3 days for free returns, or ‘Item Not as Described’ cases.

You’ll need to respond to return requests in 3 business days, by providing a return label or another reasonable solution. This applies if you offer free change-of-mind returns, or if the item wasn’t as described. If you don’t do so and the buyer asks us to step in, we may refund the buyer and recoup the cost from you, without requiring the buyer the return the item.

EMBG Policy

Next Steps

Make sure you keep these policy changes in mind when sending orders and receiving returns.