Key Dates

  • Now: We’ve introduced new features in the Seller Hub to promote your listings.
  • September, 2019: 
    • We’ll no longer duplicate your organic and promoted listings in search results.
    • The top five search placements will be available to promoted listings.

What You Need to Know

Removing Duplicate Listings from Search Results

Currently, when you choose to promote a listing, your promoted listing might appear together with your organic listing in the same set of search results. Later this month, we’ll display either your organic listing or the associated promoted listing in search, but not both together. We’ll select which listing to display based on factors such as listing quality, relevance to the buyer’s search and ad rate.

Both your organic and Promoted Listings will still be eligible to appear across other merchandised placements on-site. 

New Promoted Listings Search Placements

We’re opening up more search placements to promoted listings. Currently, the first, fourth, and fifth search placements are eligible for relevant promoted listings. Now, we’ll show buyers a dynamic mix of organic and promoted listings in the top five placements.

This change will increase the exposure of promoted listings on-site. It also helps to balance visibility between promoted and organic listings, depending on relevance to buyers’ search terms, and listing quality.

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Why We’re Making This Change

This is an important step towards improving the buyer experience, and making sure we show the most relevant search results. It also ensures we’re rewarding our highest-quality listings with greater visibility.

Enhancements to Promoted Listings

We’ve added new features to create and manage Promoted Listings from the Seller Hub Active Listings tab.

  1. Filter your listings based on whether they’re eligible for Promoted Listings or are already being promoted. 
  2. Create and edit promoted listings from a customisable Promoted Listings column. You can also check trending ad rates* at a sub-category level.
  3. Once you’ve filtered by eligible listings, you can select all active listings and promote in bulk

* Trending ad rates are the average ad rate, set by sellers, for similar promoted items at the sub category level

Enhancements to PL

Next Steps

Try out these new features, and gain better visibility for your listings on-site.