Key Dates

  • 1 October 2019: 
    • You can find our new, simplified policies in the Help Hub.
    • You’ll start receiving clearer communications if you have a policy issue. 
    • We’re changing how we enforce our policies, so you can fix issues without a lasting impact on your business.

What’s Changing

We want you to spend time growing your eBay business, not reading through selling policies.

Simplified eBay Policies 

This spring, we're simplifying our policies, so you can easily understand exactly what you need to do to sell with us. All of our policies will continue to be available in our Help Hub, and we hope you'll find them much more user-friendly.

Communicating Policy Violations 

Mistakes happen. And if there's a problem with one or more of your listings, we don't want it to affect your entire business. We’ll let you know about any listings that violate our policies and clearly communicate the issue to you so you can easily understand: 

  • The policy 
  • What’s gone wrong 
  • The actions you need to take

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Improved Policy Enforcement

We’re also changing how we enforce our policies. Currently, if you don’t take action to fix a policy issue, we may end all of your listings or suspend your account. 

This means you lose your sales history, which we understand hurts business performance. 

So from 1 October, we’re changing our approach to only end listings that violate our policies, after providing sufficient warning. We’ll then temporarily hide the rest of your listings, rather than removing them. When hidden, your listings won’t appear in search, but any watchers, bidders, or buyers will be able to continue to do business with you.

You can still post orders, leave and receive feedback, and communicate with your buyers. You’ll also be able to edit your listings as needed to fix the issue. Keep in mind you’ll still be responsible for all required fees while your listings are hidden.

After this period, we’ll display your listings as usual, and you can get back to selling, with your sales history in-tact.

Why We’re Making This Change

Running a business is complicated enough, without having to understand complex policies. And, if something goes wrong, we’ll help you focus your efforts on a particular problem for a quick resolution.

Next Steps

We hope our simplified policies make selling easier, and we’ll let you know if you need to take any action to help you avoid any policy issues in the future.