Key Dates

  • Early next year: We're making Multi-user Account Access available to all Seller Hub users.

What’s Changing 

Multi-User Account Access (MUAA) is a new feature that allows one eBay user to delegate access and functions to one or more other eBay users in the Seller Hub. 

That means you can set permissions for your staff to perform specific functions on your behalf, without exposing your password or other personal details associated with your account. 

By using MUAA, you’ll benefit from: 

  • More security and privacy
  • Role and permissions-based access controls
  • Detailed activity logging


How it Works

If you’re the registered eBay account owner and you use the Seller Hub, you’re the MUAA ‘Delegator.’ When you authorise another eBay user to access parts of your account, that individual becomes the ‘Delegate’. Each Delegate will need to have their own eBay user account and password. 

As the Delegator, you’ll invite a Delegate to perform specific functions for you. When a Delegate accepts your invitation, they’ll be able to access your account and begin performing the assigned functions. 

You can connect your account to as many Delegates as you’d like, to act on your behalf. Delegates can also perform business functions for multiple Delegators. 

Manage permissions and preferences, invite Delegates, or revoke invitations from the My eBay Permissions page. 

From early next year, you’ll be able to allow Delegates to: 

  • Create and edit drafts, or
  • Publish and revise listings 

We’ll add more permissions to the tool later in the year. 

Next Steps

  • Keep an eye out for updates - we’ll let you know when MUAA is available in Australia.