Key Dates

  • Now: You can start using our new bulk label printing feature.
  • September/October 2019: 
    • Australia Post is launching service updates, like new postage rates and zonal pricing. 
    • We’re streamlining our postage options in response to this change.

What You Need to Know

Bulk Label Edit and Printing Feature 

We’ve launched our new Bulk Label Printing feature on our labels platform. That means you can now create, print, and pay for multiple labels at once. 

With this new feature, you can: 

  • See and edit order details
  • Combine orders
  • Set individual postage and dispatch information for each item
  • Print labels at once, or download and print individually
Bulk Label Edit and Print

Australia Post Service Updates 
At this time every year, Australia Post updates their pricing for postage labels. Here are a few changes you can expect on eBay as a result:

  • Some eBay rates will now be based on the origin and destination zone of each item. That means lower costs for same-city and different-city metro postage. 
  • eBay packaging will be classified by size, rather than weight. So, for example, a 500g parcel will become a ‘small’ parcel. Satchels and boxes will have a maximum weight of 5kg, and prices will vary depending on the origin and destination zone of the item. 

In response to this change, we’re streamlining postage services available on our labels platform and within listing flows. We’ll automatically map these newly available services to the existing ones, so you won’t need to do anything.


Whats Next

Save time by using our new Bulk Edit and Print feature, and keep an eye out for our updated list of postage services. 
Later this year, we’ll be bringing a new carrier onto the platform with competitive postage rates. We’ll also be enabling a multi-channel plug-in, so you can use the eBay Labels Platform to print labels for orders from other channels. Stay tuned for more information about these changes.