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Required and Recommended Item Specifics 

What's Changing

We’ve analysed searches and sales across millions of listings to uncover the most important item specifics for each category. 

From 30 September, listings in some Home & Garden, Food & Drinks and Fashion categories will need to include all required item specifics. This applies to new, relisted, and revised listings. 

We’ll continue to automatically renew your Good ‘Til Cancelled listings without item specifics. However, we recommend that you add this information as soon as possible so your listings continue to perform well in search results.
Going forward, we’ll gradually introduce required item specifics for more categories. We’ll make sure to give you plenty of time to add this information to your listings. Still, we strongly suggest that you take the time to add recommended item specifics to your listings before we require them for your category. 
We’re also using this information to better understand and showcase your products.

Seller protection

Why We're Making This Change

We constantly monitor search and browse behaviour, and how buyers filter search results. We use this to inform the categories we create and the information we recommend you provide to optimise your listings. 

Adding key item specifics can increase the likelihood that your item sells, while increasing your visibility on and off eBay. It also helps us match your listings to the right buyers. 

Listings with complete item specifics sell better than those without. In fact, by adding item specifics, sellers have seen up to an 81% increase in conversion*. 

* Report comparing average sales value per listing for dress listings with the  item specifics “Dress Length” and “Style” vs those without from December 2017 - July 2018.

Listing Enhancements 

To help you update your listings, we’ve added descriptions of our required item specifics. We’ll add information related to buyer search later this year. 

You’ll be able to see key information about each item specific, as well as one of the following labels: 

  • Required: Item specifics that are critical to the buyer experience. We require these for new, relisted, and revised listings.
  • Recommended: These enhance the search experience and help you sell more. 
  • Additional: Information to give buyers more info about your item and its features. 

We’ve also made our major third-party listing partners aware of these changes. Make sure you contact your integration partner to find out how they can support you in making these changes.

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Next Steps

  • Get started adding item specifics today, and give your listings the best chance of a sale.